Conversations with Briana: Staying Open

In this video, Briana opens an important discussion about how to stay open and not shut down in the throes of challenging times and uncomfortable situations. Many of us tend to close our hearts off when we feel sad, afraid, or “triggered”.

Closing off is actually not a very effective tactic … Feeling and inviting everything in fully is a much more pragmatic way of processing it, moving through it, and letting it go for the benefit of everyone involved.

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3 thoughts on “Conversations with Briana: Staying Open

  1. Just journaled a bit about how the strong part of me “protects” the fragile part of me…then listened to your encouraging words. Perfect timing.

  2. Wonderful, thank you !

  3. I don’t feel that I close off in terms of my heart. I feel that I make clothes off in terms of my mind. Whatever is triggering me will cause me not to listen. I don’t understand where my heart which is always open will be closed off but rather I need to focus I believe on my mind by listening better.

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