An invitation

I remember the first time one of my clients cried while I was massaging her.  And, no, it wasn’t because of my kung fu grip. She had never had a… Read More

The Six Keys to a Good Massage

From the beginning, Briana and I agreed that if The Dragontree could be well known for anything, we wanted it to be that our therapists are absolutely top notch. We’ve… Read More

Time for Thai Massage!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a Thai massage from Jante, a wonderfully talented massage therapist here at our NW Portland location. It was a relaxing and energizing experience…. Read More

Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga Massage Perhaps you have never had, or even heard of, abhyanga massage. It is an Ayurvedic massage done with copious amounts of warm sesame oil and Ayurvedic blends of… Read More