Love Dominos

Last week I got this out of the blue text from a friend, “I just want you to know I think you are a gifted, giving, unique soul that I… Read More

Dreams, Actualized

When I met my wife, she was a massage therapist and I was practicing Chinese Medicine. I thought we were pretty similar people on pretty similar tracks. She’s six years… Read More

What a year!

What an amazing year we’ve had here at The Dragontree. In 2014, we opened a new location in Portland, put the finishing touches on our magazine (keep your eyes open… Read More

That Thanksgiving Feeling

Dear Everyone, In the elemental system of Chinese Medicine, the Earth Element governs the harvest, the consumption of food, and the digestion and distribution of the nutrients therein. When the… Read More

Next Service Due At: 90,000 Miles

A few decades ago, we saw a sudden rise in HMO’s – so-called “Health Maintenance Organizations” – after a federal regulation required many employers to make this form of healthcare… Read More

Coming Home

This July marks 11 years that I’ve been in a relationship with The Dragontree Spa. I’m sure that if you’ve memorized the list of traditional gifts for each anniversary you… Read More

It calls for a party

Every July I’m reminded of the day we opened our first Dragontree spa. Of course, it was a couple days after we had hoped and I was exhausted from spending… Read More


Here at the Dragontree we have 5 core values which we strive to thread throughout our daily work with each other as colleagues and with our clients.  These core values… Read More