Getting Creative With Skin Care

I’m a big proponent of creative expression. Even if your life’s work centers around buying and selling, interpreting, communicating, or destroying, I think it’s worthwhile to make time for creating…. Read More

Treat Yourself Like a Vegetable

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Skin: The Final Frontier

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Why Exfoliation?

Through my teens and twenties I spent a huge amount of my time devoted to taking care of my skin.  My acne was a constant issue and trying to figure… Read More

Give Garshana a Go!

Garshana is the exfoliating treatment of Ayurvedic dry skin brushing with raw silk gloves. Garshana literally means “rubbing”. During a garshana treatment, your massage therapist will vigorously rub your skin,… Read More

The Dragontree Mission Statement (Part 1)

A mission statement is by definition:  a statement of the purpose of a company, organization or person, and its reason for existing.   A mission statement should guide the actions of the organization,… Read More