Pretty Esoteric Stuff…

Several months ago, Briana (my wife) started feeling drawn to do a different kind of healing work. She began getting strong intuitive impressions about what was at the root of people’s challenges… Read More

What Would Make You Click?

“I just feel sad every night. It’s like I can hold it off until dark, and then it all comes pouring in,” I said in tears. I was in Mexico… Read More

Tamra jal

The Dragontee is honored to be partnering with CopperH2o, and will soon be offering their copper water bottles in all of our spa locations. Water stored in a copper vessel… Read More

Six Questions for Connection

When Briana and I decided to leave Oregon, I had lived in Portland for 15 years and she’d been there for 12. As we prepared for our move to Boulder,… Read More

Losing Your Baggage

I bet that if I said, “Let’s start the process of dealing with your psychological baggage,” most people would tense up a bit and expect that they’re in for a… Read More

The Demon Dairy

As long as I’ve been studying health, there’s been an ongoing argument about the role of dairy products in human nutrition. If you do a quick Google search for inflammatory… Read More

Using Anniversaries to Heal and Grow

It fills me with gratitude to realize that this July marks 13 years that we’ve been relaxing, healing, and uplifting people at The Dragontree. Anniversaries are a thing I’ve given… Read More

Space, Sweetness and Structure

Hi there!   We’re so excited that you’re going to be joining us for 9-weeks of strategic and heart centered action to create a meaningful life.   For years, people… Read More