Dragontree CBD Infused Body Care

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of CBD Oil for pain relief, sleep, relaxation, and anxiety, but did you know that The Dragontree now makes a full line of high quality CBD infused products? 

The Dragontree been making high quality, handcrafted herbal products right here in Portland for 10 years, and now, based on the experiences of our clients with topical CBD, we’ve added cannabidiol, a remarkable compound from the hemp plant, to your favorite bath and body care products!

Visit us at any Dragontree Spa location to experience our full line of CBD infused products or enter your email below to get free shipping on your first order when our CBD line is available to purchase online at dragontreeapothecary.com 

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The Dragontree - NW Portland

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Portland, OR, 97210 


The Dragontree - Boulder

1521 Pearl Street, 

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The Dragontree - PDX Airport

C Concourse PDX Airport, 

Portland, OR, 97218