Staff Picks



Full Spectrum 360 Coola Sun Silk Drops – Like everything else Coola, this product smells amazing! Coola seriously has a knack for bottling up the scent of tropical flowers drifting your way on a gentle island breeze making you feel like you’re on vacation every time you put it on. I’ve found that it’s been the easiest way for me to add SPF into my daily skincare routine because these drops are as light as air and absorb so quickly. This product is easily blend-able with any other moisturizer or foundation or perfect on its own. Once applied, my skin still feels naked, which makes it unlike any other sunscreen I’ve tried. Amazingly enough these drops even have you covered while you’re indoors, protecting you HEV (High Energy Visible) light that’s emitted from digital devices such as your computer screen. Indoor, outdoor, environmental, and digital protection – Awesome! – Kensey Ayde, Receptionist

Livia’s Simply Sensitive Toner – This toner is my go-to mist for summer. With hydrating aloe vera and calming herbs of lavender and chamomile, it’s the perfect cooling spritz to keep in your bag and use anytime you need some extra hydration. It’s especially soothing if you’ve gotten a little too much of those summer rays too. It’s made with the purest ingredients – delicious minerals, nutrients, and nourishing enzymes, to balance and purify the skin. – Rochelle R., Esthetician

Allergy Relief Tincture – Seasonal allergies have many of us sneezing, eyes burning… so pick up a bottle of our Allergy Relief Tincture!  Formulated by our apothecary, this little bottle packs a big dose of relief from what is ailing you this spring! – Rachael D., Massage Therapist