Staff Picks

Kate’s Magik Moon Goddess Anointing Oil – A sweet and subtle blend of the adaptogen Jasmine. An adaptogen helps the body to “adapt” to stress and maintain homeostasis. I love to anoint my forehead and heart with Moon Goddess Oil when I am feeling like life is a bit scattered and hectic. It immediately brings me back to my center and into my body. I also highly recommend this for women as it is a great hormone balancer! Enjoy! – Allison D., Massage Therapist

Susan’s CBD Massage Oil – This amazing massage oil is infused with CBD, making it great for anyone suffering from inflammation, including sore joints, tense muscles, skin irritations, sunburns, and even bug bites. It’s beautifully scented, so I even love to use it as a deep moisturizer. This product takes massages to a whole new level, offering a new way for massage therapists to offer faster and even more focused relief and a whole new way for you to relax. – Kensey A., Receptionist

Coola Mineral Sunscreen – Coola is the #1 accessory I always keep in my handbag year round . An everyday lotion with SPF 30 and antioxidants in a beautiful matte formula that hydrates, reduces shine, and gives your skin a natural light coverage and glow. Its water resistant, unscented, vegan, and reef safe. My favorite ingredient is the rosehip seed oil as it’s one of the best sources of vitamin C and supports elasticity, keeping your skin supple and vibrant! Enjoy the sun and always bring your Coola! – Janet D., Esthetician