Staff Picks

Epicuren Colostrum Cream – An Epicuren® Signature, this lightweight cream precisely hydrates the skin and acts as a potent moisture restorer with an uplifting citrus aroma. Known as one of natures most “life-supporting” fluids, Colostrum possesses an extensive array of benefits, keeping your skin looking luminous and vibrant.

“Without a doubt my favorite moisturizer is Epicuren Colostrum Cream. My dry skin drinks it up, leaving smooth, supple renewed skin. While it boosts skin cell regeneration, it also supports your skin’s immune system. You only need the tiniest amount, so the bottle lasts and lasts. The smell is heavenly, and your skin will feel and look good as new day after day. A MUST HAVE!” – Ashley M. Receptionist

Dragontree Ayurvedic Medicated Oils – Used in our Ayurvedic Skin Brushing and Medicated Oil Treatment service. You can choose from Vata, Pitta, Kapha, or Tridoshic.

“Our new Dragontree Ayurvedic Medicated Oils. are custom-blended goodness in a rich oil that penetrates the skin with a nourishing blend of herbs and essential oils. Each one is formulated to help correct and balance your Dosha, open your energy pathways, and soothe the skin. I love this stuff!” – Hannah P. Lead Massage Therapist

Livia Pumpkin Pro-Enzyme MasqueGet that ‘Spa Facial Tingle’ at home with this 10% glycolic resurfacing masque. Pumpkin enzymes & circulation enhancing spices nourish deep layers and fight environmental free radicals with rich antioxidants & vitamins vital to complexion health.

“I love the Pumpkin Pro-Enzyme Masque! It exfoliates the skin beautifully with 10% glycolic and pumpkin which boasts B vitamins. Your skin will be left feeling refreshed and glowing. And it smells amazing too” Janee S. Esthetician