Unwind Your Hair And Make It A Cut Above

Unwind Your Hair And Make It A Cut Above

We often focus on how stress affects us physically, the tiredness, lethargy and general malaise it causes, not to mention the lack of energy, zip and pep we lose when haven’t had a good night’s sleep or are simply under increasing amounts of pressure due to our hectic workloads and busy social lives. One of the tell tale signs of a body and mind that is strained, is lacklustre and dull looking hair. Here’s how to look after and maintain your crowning glory and keep it looking vibrant and vital.

Stressed hair

According to the leading hair loss expert, there seem to be two key things that people become concerned about when they’re stressed and it starts to show in their hair, they are:

1.)    Loss of hair

2.)    Hair greying

Whilst scientists seem convinced that stress can most definitely affect hair loss, the jury is out on whether it can affect how quickly it greys. It seems that in some people, stress might well cause the acceleration of how quickly the hair loses its color, but there really aren’t any specific studies that show this to be a definite fact.

On average, someone with a full head of hair will have about 150,000 strands (give or take a few!) and during the course of a normal day, without even realising it, you’ll lost anything up to, or just above 100 of those. At any one time about 90% of all the hair on the head is in what scientists call a ‘growing phase’ and your hair can, on average grow anything up to 1 inch per month. These phases can last for between 1 – 3 years, after which time your hair will go into a ‘resting period’, which will typically last for a few months and allows it to slow down and regain nutrients and strength from your body.

Hair loss

When you’re under stress, this growing phase can become disrupted and your hair might go into a premature resting period. What happens then is, instead of continuing to grow; your hair starts to shed. This can come on very suddenly and it can actually be quite a shock to look in the brush or on the pillow in the morning to find clumps of hair there. It’s at times like these; people go to their Doctor and are very often prescribed medications like propecia or rogaine to help with the symptoms and to try to restore some of the loss. These are great treatments that can help to give a lot of lost confidence back and work to try and block any hormonal problems that might be triggering off long term hair fall. However, alongside looking into conventional medicines and therapies, there are lots of holistic ways of helping your hair regain optimum health and to shine with vitality.

Ways to help your hair look its best

Head and scalp massage: Stimulation of the head and the scalp can help to both relax you and also encourage hair growth to begin again. Relaxation allows the blood to flow freely through the body, which in turn encourages the nutrients and goodness from the food you eat to travel to where it is needed. If your scalp is getting enough nutrients and you feel calmer, your hair stands the best possible chance of growing strong again.

Using the right products: Hair that is cared for with the right kinds of products is more likely to look and feel healthier than hair that is constantly abused or mistreated with over styling, processing and coloring. Choosing a great shampoo that is gentle, infused with natural ingredients and packed with moisture will effectively clean your hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils and help to leave your scalp in great condition too. Deep conditioning can really help your hair and scalp too, especially if it’s done with natural oils like virgin coconut, olive or argan oil. Take a small amount, work them into your hair and scalp, leave them for at least 20 minutes or even overnight and then shampoo out.

Look into supplements: As well as making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need from your diet, one of the best supplements you can take to help with hair loss and hair growth is Zinc. This essential mineral is found in lean red meat, shellfish, leafy green vegetables and eggs, but can be taken in a supplement form. Look for either Zinc Picolinate or Chelated Zinc and aim to take around a 15mg dose per day. Other essential nutrients that play a part in hair growth are Biotin and Seleniuim. Biotin can be found again in eggs, leafy green vegetables and nuts, whilst Selenium is primarily found in Brazil nuts. Eating just three of these a day provides you with your entire recommended daily amount of this mineral.

Be gentle: Don’t over brush your hair, don’t tug at it, and don’t aggressively rub it. Wherever possible let it dry naturally and only use heat styling tools on their coolest setting and with a good quality, natural based styling product. If you’re a regular at the hairdresser for coloring, why not think about switching to something a little more natural or organic? There are many nature based dyes on the market – including things like Henna and Indigo, which provide color and deep condition for stressed out hair. You may also consider face slimming with injections in Melbourne to refine your image even more.
Don’t forget, if you look after your hair, it will look after you!

-Jennifer Lewis

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