A love for candles…

I grew up in a candle heavy household.  In every room there were at least 4 candles and they were lit daily, however, this was usually to cover up the smell of cigarettes and animals.  Lighting candles daily is something I carry with me still; every room in my house has multiple candles, but now for different reasons.  Aside from providing a great aesthetic for a room and creating a romantic mood and feeling in a room, candles can bring plenty of other great benefits.  Candlelight, for example, can be great for your eyes – being much less harsh than florescent or incandescent lights.  Many candles provide wonderful aromatherapy benefits, such as lavender or chamomile scented candles to assist with relaxation before bed.  The Dragontree Candles are great for these purposes, since they are scented with all natural essential oils, they provide a great natural aroma.

However, my favorite candles have to be the Thymes Indigenous line that we carry at The Dragontree Northwest.  They come in gorgeous glasses, that can be recycled after the candle has been burned out, and are made out of paraffin wax, which contains the candles strong fragrance – even when it is not lit.  They come in a wide a ray of fragrances and styles, which makes it easy to fit them into almost any room.  There is nothing better than a warm bath with my favorite Thymes candle, Malagasy Vanille –which is Madagascar Vanilla with Sandalwood and other aromatics – and my favorite Dragontree Bath Salts, Love –Vanilla & Patchouli.

-Kevin G. (Retail and Marketing Director – Both Portland Locations)

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