Mental Clutter

We all have too much stuff. Stuff clogging our homes, cars, and purses. Ok maybe the purse one is just for me. My purse weighs what seems like 10 pounds and it’s truly weighing me down.

You just never know when someone will need a band aid, 5 chaps sticks or a half eaten cliff bar. It’s not that I’m a slob or some kind of chap stick addict…..oh God maybe I need to check myself into some sort of support group…..better yet…..maybe I need a little rehab… from the clutter.

I don’t know how many times a week I look down at my purse and instantly feel ashamed and stressed about the current state of my daily “carry everywhere”  luggage known as my purse.

Recently I decided the clutter was quite possibly driving me crazy. It was everywhere….and it was growing.

In fact, I’m sure of it, it was definitely driving me crazy. Every time I got into my car, walked into my home, and even now as I am hauling it around with me in my purse,  it was dramatically affecting my mood.  My purse was actually weighing me down and my shoulder was even starting to hurt and I knew my body and mind were trying to tell me something.

Pick up Milk, get to the gym, for goodness sakes get those eyebrows waxed!!! Geesh brain, easy……even my thoughts had become clouded.

All kidding aside, clutter whether physical or mental overwhelms our minds and degrades our lives.

Take some time to look around and decide what you really need and what can go to charity.

So if you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet…..our weather is telling you there is still time.

It’s amazing how good it feels to clear your space, and in the process……your mind.


Christy H. (Back of House Manager – The Dragontree Northwest)


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