The Dragontree Mission Statement (Part 1)

A mission statement is by definition:  a statement of the purpose of a companyorganization or person, and its reason for existing.   A mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making.  It provides “the framework or context within which the company’s strategies are formulated.”  It’s like a goal for what the company wants to do for the world.

This last sentence is what truly resonates with me on what a mission statement should be.   For the next few months, I’ve decided to dedicate my blog to the breakdown of the Dragontree Mission statement and our core values and what they mean to us.

Let’s start with our first line….”At the Dragontree, we are committed to peace.”   The word peace comes from the Latin meaning “freedom from civil disorder”.   Taking it out of the concept of government perhaps a better definition is “freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions and the existence of healthy interpersonal relationships.”  This type of freedom from disquieting thoughts and emotions is a key element for us as human beings to be healthy physically and emotionally.  Perhaps this is why the first line of our mission statement has to do with the concept of peace.

We as caregivers strive to create a peaceful existence for ourselves, which helps us provide treatments and service to our clients, creating space for peace in their lives.

At a personal level, peaceful behaviors are kind, considerate, respectful, just, and tolerant of others’ beliefs and behaviors — all of this tending to manifest goodwill.

-Robert G. (The Dragontree NW Spa Director)

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