Its a Pitta time of year!

Pitta Time Of Year Is Here!


In addition to having a coconut oil massage to relax during this summer, I wanted to share some information I found about this season…..Enjoy!

“Summer is the season when Pitta dosha is most predominant. Pitta is the hot, fiery element – keeping cool and enjoying being near water is very natural. Favour cool food and drink but avoid ice-cold drinks, especially after eating. Have more recreation and enjoy pitta-reducing foods.” – Dr. Donn Brennan

Now the sun is high. Nature is in full bloom. It is pitta season. Time to enjoy. The qualities of pitta predominate at this time of the year, from May to August. So the kapha aspect of our nature, which had reached its height in May, starts to spontaneously decline. The mood lifts as the fine weather arrives. We want to get out and enjoy.

Cool Down the Intensity of Pitta
Naturally as pitta arises within us we take steps to keep it balanced. Pitta is intense. So it is now essential for us to chill out. Otherwise we may suffer road rage or other pitta imbalances as the season progresses. Take a holiday. Get out and enjoy nature. Also enjoy family and friends. Organise a picnic with friends. Golf. Walk the hills. Do plenty of whatever you enjoy. Swim.

Be in Your Element – Water
Now there is something special for summer. Water. Pitta is the element of fire. So water is best for cooling pitta. Walk by water. Swim. Sail. Surf. Or even just sit and look at it. Be by a waterfall. Above all drink it. We need more fluids in summer and water is the best. Your daily shower should be cool now, not hot and consider a second cool shower on a very hot day.

Where Does Pitta Reside in the Body?
There are special locations in the body where pitta predominates and these warrant special attention in summer. Stomach and liver are two and they are kept balanced by choosing the appropriate foods for pitta. These are all the foods you are naturally drawn to in summer. Salads, sweet fruit and fruit juices, etc. Looking at the pitta food list now is just confirming what you would most enjoy in summer. Another site of pitta is the skin. So protect it from the intense sun. Another, the eyes, so wear your sunglasses. Another, the heart, which is soothed by your enjoying life.

Pay Attention to the Rhythm of Pitta

Pitta times of the day:
Pitta 10am – 2pm   Digestion is strongest so have lunch as your largest meal
Pitta 10pm – 2am   Sleep, Metabolic “housecleaning”

For optimal health and healing, we need to align our behaviour to gain maximum support from the natural, rhythmic swings of Vata, Pitta and Kapha activity. Simply stated we want “support of nature” for our most important physiological activities.

  • Eat you largest meal at lunch when Pitta makes digestion strongest.
  • Go to bed in Kapha time when your sleep will come more easily and deeply.
  • Sleep through Pitta time so as not to disrupt your natural internal cleansing cycle and to allow full rejuvenation of your mind and senses.

Disregarding the laws of nature leads to illness. Living in accord with natural law brings the full support of the healing power of nature that underlies the growth and development of all living things. This is one of life’s basic lessons and a guiding principle of Ayurveda.

-Chrissy C. (Lead Trainer at The Dragontree NW Thurman)

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