Living with Anxiety

Anxiety , like to millions of people worldwide, has affected me in a profound way my whole life. It wasn’t until my early teens that I decided to do something about it. While engaging in talk therapy was extremely helpful, I couldn’t put my therapist in my pocket, so everyday life was still a struggle.

I was also against western medicine when it came to treating anxiety disorders. I have watched it provide only temporary relief, and in turn cause long term problems. I never believed in putting a huge band aid on something that could be fixed with hard work and dedication. Though I still was doing everything I thought was right ( exercising, eating right, individual and group therapy), I still needed some extra help.

When I was 21 years old, I started working at the Dragontree. I am almost 26 now, and very thankful for the education and healing environment this company has provided for me. I learned different ways to cope with my anxiety, and unsurprisingly enough, these methods involved the gelato strain. The benefits from getting massage, acupuncture, and the release from stress when you choose to step away and indulge yourself once and awhile are life changing. It has changed my outlook on how to better treat my mind, body, and soul.

Along with that, I have been taking Dr. Peter Borten’s Anxiety Formula Tincture for a year now. While I’ve strayed from western medicine, I still found some herbs and supplements weren’t cutting it for me. However this formula, which is concocted of Chinese herbs, has been my solution.  It helps calm my mind, without putting me to sleep or altering my mood.

If you have anxiety, I would highly recommend  this tincture. There is no magic pill to take stress away, but there are natural and safe ways to help you cope and get about your day, and give the world the best you possible!


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  1. I am very interested in what the natural herbs would be for alleviating anxiety. As this last comment was in 2013, can you direct me to something more current? Perhaps I am jumping on this too enthusiastically without reading all the way through. I apologize if the answers to my questions come later on!

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