Skin health: the universal language!

My best friend whom I’ve known since I was 4 years old (a compromise between my answer of 3 years old and her answer of 5 years old) will be getting married soon. In order to celebrate all the wonderful things she means to our group of friends we recently threw her a fantastic bridal weekend. Complete with a huge rented house on a breathtaking property in the Willamette Valley, a day of wine tasting, incredible food (at least two out of the group are chefs), and a beauty night. The later was my contribution, of course.
There were a few things I thought of bringing for a beauty night, makeup or nail polish perhaps, but what says at home beauty night better than a face mask? Both of our amazing skin care lines available at The Dragontree have multiple face masks to choose from so I took along a few of my favorites.
From Epicuren I knew I would take the Hydrating Mineral Mask, right away. This mask can be used on and benefit almost anyone’s skin health. It’s rich and creamy consistency feels incredible when applying and it’s key ingredients like aloe vera, zinc oxide and shea butter will calm, soothe, and deeply hydrate the skin. The perfect choice for after a day of wine tasting and sunshine. It was an instant hit with those who chose it!
From our organic Livia product line I took along a treatment mask that is a bit more skin type specific but loved by anyone who has tried it. It is the slightly pink and perfectly aromatic Rosehip & Jasmine Enzyme Treatment. This product can not only be used as a treatment mask but (for severely dry and/ or dehydrated skin) an occasional deep moisturizer. Its ingredients are as delicious as the name sounds. A team of skin softening and hydrating oils like avocado, evening primrose and coconut, work with the ever so gentle papaya and pumpkin enzymes to lightly exfoliate dead skins cells. It was also a crowd pleaser!
While looking around at our large (and now masked) group of inspirational and beautiful women of all ages, I realized that everyone (no matter what skin type or age or gender) is interested in investing in their overall skin health. If we spend a bit more time and effort choosing what we put in to our bodies and on our skin, the results will last a lifetime.

Neva , Lead Esthetician
The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa

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