Why Fijian Massage?

I often equate Fijian massage to receiving a deep tissue/sports massage without the sharpness that elbows have. For people who need very deep pressure but often feel bruised by a normal deep tissue massage or feel they can never get quite enough pressure this is the perfect option.

You are not simply being “walked on” with Fijian, rather the therapist uses the heels an edges of the feet to loosen the muscles away from the bones to create better mobility and get into the deeper layers without aggravating the skin and superficial tissue.

In Fiji massage would traditionally be done on a mat. At the Dragontree we have made a modification of using bars that allow our clients to still have a table experience. I love this as it allows me to mix Fijian, which is done without oil, with deep tissue and oil work to tailor it to my clients needs.

Sometimes having a series of Fijian massages can allow the deeper “stuck” areas to be released and clients find that they can receive lighter work with more effect.

If you work with your body, are a  body builder, do lots of athletics or just need that extra pressure, you should schedule one and see what you think!


-Chrissy C.  (Lead Trainer – The Dragontree Northwest)


2 thoughts on “Why Fijian Massage?

  1. I can appreciate that massage is helpful. However I was hoping for some stretching exercises when I clicked on “Stretching.”

    1. Hi Patty, we’ve got some great stretching excercises I’d love to share with you here: thedragontree.com/feelamazing/

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