Give Garshana a Go!

Garshana is the exfoliating treatment of Ayurvedic dry skin brushing with raw silk gloves. Garshana literally means “rubbing”. During a garshana treatment, your massage therapist will vigorously rub your skin, using circles and long strokes in the direction of your heart. This is done while wearing raw silk gloves, which has an exfoliating effect.

There are many benefits to receiving garshana. The vigorous movements promote circulation, blood flow, and lymphatic drainage. The pores open, and stored toxins are released. Muscle tension is reduced, and vitality is enhanced through improved metabolism. The meditative action of rubbing the skin relieves stress and calms the mind. These detoxing effects make it the perfect treatment to try this spring!

Garshana can be done on its own, or in conjunction with other treatments. I would recommend following your garshana treatment with an Abhyanga massage if you would like to keep your experience Ayurvedic, or even a Swedish massage. In between massage appointments, you can use exfoliating gloves or a dry body brush at home. Try this at home for 20 minutes each day, and see how your skin, and also your stress level, improves! If you prefer a more sensory experience for your at home exfoliation, you can also try one of our Dragontree exfoliating soap bars. My favorite is Balance, a blend of vanilla, black pepper, and cardamom.

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