Don’t resist your own perfection.

I was first introduced to Ayurveda by a girlfriend while attending massage school.  She was super excited about Ayurvedic nutrition and aromatherapy, but the way she presented it was not appealing to me at all.  She begged me to go to college in Ayurveda with her in California, and I continuously declined.  I had no interest; it seemed like just another typing system.

Ayurveda-signAfter I graduated massage school I started working in my own practice as well as working at a local spa. My co-workers at the spa expanded my thinking around massage, acupuncture, herbs, and . . . Ayurveda.  It was one little tidbit from a book I was lent that made me fall in love.  It said something to the extent of, “The underlying fundamental principle in Ayurveda is that we’re all perfect and complete.  All ailments, mental, physical, and emotional, are additions to our perfection, not reductions of it.”

This spoke deeply to me because I loved the idea that we are all whole, perfect beings and that when we are experiencing illness of any sort, we are having something more, but that that something isn’t us and doesn’t define us.

Considering that most of us struggle with deep rooted thoughts that hinder our ability to really shine, like “I’m not good enough,” or “There’s something wrong with me,” and in a world where having a physical sickness is seen as being weak or broken, a system of medicine that holds the certainty of our wholeness, of our enough-ness, of our perfection, is a special thing.  And it feels true to me.

In a clinical setting, this has informed everything I do with my patients.  When I have someone that is suffering from depression, we look at this as something to be cleared away so their true essence can be lived.  When someone with insomnia comes to see me, I try to understand what has been taken on, and then use herbs, food, and lifestyle changes to melt away these factors.  If I have a client who wants to reach the next level in their business, but is struggling to do so, we investigate to find what the underlying thoughts are that are blocking the ability to fully express their greatness, and we uproot them.

In your daily life, consider all the areas where you feel “less than” or “broken” and see if you can shift your perspective to being curious what about what you might be carrying around that isn’t actually part of the authentic You.

In some cases it’s very straightforward.  When you are sick in bed with a cold, you likely feel weak and horrible, and if you’re anything like me you may find it hard to remember what it feels like to be healthy.  The addition here is obviously the bacteria or virus that’s in your system, and removing that – while bolstering your intrinsic wellness – will allow your naturally healthy state to reappear.

But what if you’re feeling chronically tired?  In this state it is so easy to feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with you, something is broken or missing.  Explore the idea, or just entertain the notion, that in fact, underneath that exhaustion, your sparkle and zest exist – still intact.  From this perspective, rather than needing to figure out and add what is missing, or to fix what is broken, one’s task becomes to clear away the elements that are obscuring the expression of this fundamental zest.  It opens up possibilities way outside the box of our lack-based thinking and mainstream medical approaches.

I encourage you to always come back to this: you are perfect.  And remember that those around us are perfect beings as well.  The more that we model this perspective for each other, the more we will be able to release what isn’t serving us and shine as a species.


Briana and Everyone At The Dragontree

7 thoughts on “Don’t resist your own perfection.

  1. Briana,
    What a beautiful read and understanding! Everyone is perfect/enough. The excess is what might need uprooting/adjusting.

    Do you recall the book title of this wonderful quote?: “The underlying fundamental principle in Ayurveda is that we’re all perfect and complete. All ailments, mental, physical, and emotional, are additions to our perfection, not reductions of it.”

    I am drawn to Dragontree, you and Peter. (I love Dragontree teachings, products, spa and very essence.) Just watched your “Alignment” video and openly welcome the imagery of every sail on the ship aligned optimally to catch the wind. After all we are each captain of one ship only, our own, and our best work is focusing direction of our own sails, for optimal…everything.

    1. My last sentence, a better word than focusing “direction” of our own sails would be: focusing “consistent, if only minor, adjustment of our own sails” I am feeling the wind with this so I’ll add: ” as we understand weather and circumstances to be navigated, for optimal…everything.”

      Ah…yes…the beautiful, multi-sailed, ship I am honored to be captain of. So much pleasurable work here to love and enjoy as I navigate my alignment with the changing elements.

      Peace be to heart/mind/soul of each captain as we focus on the one great ship whom we are fully responsible for in every aspect: course plotting, maneuvering around storms, arriving and seeking the next landing to replenish, re-plan and disembark on the next, possibly lengthy, voyage.

      I am engrossed in this journey, as ship’s captain, and glad to understand the critical nature of your “Alignment” video/teaching regarding my glorious sails importance in steering this, my, ship. I errantly thought steering from the wheel was enough. I’ve been ignoring the fact my ship has potential to use thoughtfully aligned sails and if I do my part the wind will carry the ship with focused pleasures.

      I appreciate your taking time to instruct captain’s seeking further knowledge.

      Always. Joyfully.

      1. Love the idea of being honored to be the captain. <3

    2. I don’t remember what book that is from. But that’s a great quote.

      So glad you are enjoying what we have to offer. We so so appreciate it.

  2. I should have stayed focused and posted my “Alignment” comments with the video. The lesson was just learned today and so powerful I should sit with the teaching instead of dong further learning today. Couldn’t resist “Ayurveda” writings as I enjoy that study too.

    Love to learn and appreciate the blessings you so generously offer.

    1. Thank you so much Susan! Love having you in our community.

  3. Thank you. As someone currently experiencing auto-immunity, I absolutely need to reaffirm my wholeness. Your words speak to that place in me that knows the truth. Thank you <3

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