That Thanksgiving Feeling

Dear Everyone,

In the elemental system of Chinese Medicine, the Earth Element governs the harvest, the consumption of food, and the digestion and distribution of the nutrients therein. When the Earth Element is healthy in us, we recognize and celebrate the fruits of our labors – the harvests, big and small, that result from the seeds we plant in the world and the energy with which we tend to them. We don’t need a giant feast in order to get that post-Thanksgiving-meal experience of fullness. If we could fully appreciate the feast that surrounds us, we’d just go ahead and unbutton those pants right now.

It’s our intention to be grateful and to give thanks every day. Multiple times a day. Certain days we do well at this and others not as well. But this particular Extra Special Day of Giving Thanks feels especially abundant, and you – the community we’ve cultivated through The Dragontree – are a significant part of this abundance. Thank you, thank you, a million thank yous for being part of our extended family.

With love,

Peter, Briana, Sabina, and Sailor

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