The Root Cause of Your Pain (video)


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4 thoughts on “The Root Cause of Your Pain (video)

  1. Nice – Thanks, yes exercise, I took a long hike today to help with the pain . Best to you. I have bought your book and I get emails from you. Please don’t add me a second time! Blessings.

  2. This is so true, Peter! Your explanation is very helpful, makes so much sense and validates what I have experience with my own chronic pain. I started going to Barre3 for exercise about 2 years ago and it has reduced my pain tremendously. Prior to this I avoided exercise because of low back pain. Movement actually hurt and I thought it could make the pain worse. One day I decided I am no longer going to let my pain hold me back. I decided that I wanted to break out of the mind set that was keeping my body and my spirit stuck. That was a life-changing moment and decision for me. I started slowly and made lots of modifications at first (and I still do today) but I am so much happier and have much less pain than I did two years ago thanks to making exercise a big part of my self-care routine.

  3. Namaste! The message came when I needed the most!

  4. I’m currently been cutting way back on my pain meds with the intention of completely coming off all meds which I’ve been on for 7 yrs. I want to have a clear mind, body and soul and the only way is to work through my pain naturally instead of masking it. I like what your video said about breathing through your pain, experiencing it, then allowing it to leave. I am determined to live pain free, drug free and be free…. Thank you.

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