Talking Wellness with Peter: The Fire Element (video)

Don’t deprive the world of your warmth and light!

How can you share your acceptance and love with the world?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

11 thoughts on “Talking Wellness with Peter: The Fire Element (video)

  1. Thanks Dr Peter , just what I needed to hear today 😊

    1. You’re welcome!

  2. open your heart everyone! This is the perfect video, Thank you

    1. thank YOU!

  3. Well spoken!

    1. Thanks, Sadie

  4. Thank you for your insight and the wonderful reminder 💜 to open our hearts & speak Love & practice spreading it in our own bodies and to others!

    1. You’re welcome, Jill!

  5. I really enjoyed listening to this, Peter! How does this work with keeping one’s energy, though–what you and Briana write about in The Well Book? That is, how does one share one’s light and be open without sapping our strength, especially in difficult and challenging circumstances (or around difficult people etc.)
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Sharing one’s light is something different than giving one’s personal energy away. Light is really neither a personal nor exhaustible thing. It’s more just Light rather than “your light.” And this works best when you imagine that you’re just a channel for it. I like to have my patients imagine a stream of light funneling into the back, right behind the heart, and then shining out of the heart in the front. As if the heart is an open flower, smiling on the world. And this works better, of course, if you image the heart being wide open. I think a big part of what makes such an expression non-depleting is that there’s no attachment to personal gain or a specific outcome. You get sapped when you’re intent on manipulating your circumstances and when there’s resistance involved. Even if it’s for the purpose of making someone else feel better, if you’re thinking, “I can’t let you feel this way,” – “I can’t” – “this is wrong” – “I don’t accept this” – “No” – and there’s tension/constraint in your body and mind, it will be depleting to you. If instead you BECOME a beacon of light and your (perhaps unverbalized) communication is, “I am here for you,” or “I am present to this,” you’re just acting as an emissary of Love. Then, not only will you not be depleted, good things will happen. You’ll receive what you give.

      1. Thank you for this explanation, Peter. It’s very very helpful.

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