Fuel For Your Fire

At this point I’m guessing that you’re aware that there are benefits of meditation . . . stress reduction, improved mental focus, happier, better sleep, etc. But are you doing it?

I know that it took years of me knowing that meditation would improve my life and randomly “trying it out” before I became devoted to my practice. Once I became committed, the real growth happened.

So, what made the difference from knowing to doing?

A structure to make it happen.

First, I needed guidance on what to do . . . having a closed eye thinking session didn’t seem like the point of it all.

Second, having daily inspiration that gave me fuel for my fire was essential.

And third, accountability.  Having someone, or several someones, that I checked in with about actually doing my practice was huge.

And as I started to talk to other people who had a daily meditation practice, I found that I wasn’t alone; these three ingredients: guidance, inspiration, and accountability were present in some form for almost all of them.

So we decided that we needed to help people get these three elements into their lives so they could start, or deepen, their meditation practice. Because we believe that meditation is one of the greatest forms of medicine for your body, mind, and soul.

Our Meditation 108 course combined with our Rituals for Transformation book is designed specifically for those wanting to commit to this practice and start seeing major benefits.

Guidance: Our Meditation 108 course is a series of five, live, online meditation classes – once every 27 days over 108 days we’ll lead you through a guided meditation on a specific subject. If you attend the class live, we’ll attune to you (which makes it so much easier to get into the meditative state) and lead you through deeper and deeper levels of consciousness. If you can’t attend live you’ll receive the recording of the meditation to listen to at your leisure.

Inspiration: This pairs perfectly with our new book Rituals for Transformation which shares a daily lesson, has an invitation to meditate, a place to write your intention for your day, and then areas for writing in the morning and evening.  

Accountability: The Meditation 108 course comes with an amazing community where we will assist you in finding an accountability friend to keep you on your meditation game for the 108 day period. Or, better yet, invite a friend to join with you and you can do it together!

Meditation 108 will open for enrollment on August 1st for $199, but during the prelaunch of Rituals for Transformation it’s available to you for just $108 and comes  bundled with two copies of our beautiful Rituals For Transformation book.

We’re truly committed to your mind, body, and spirit wellness, and we know that meditation is incredibly valuable on this path. Want to join us on this journey? Preorder your Rituals For Transformation and Meditation 108 reward bundle today.



Briana Borten and everyone at The Dragontree

PS – Don’t miss your chance to join this amazing community for only $108. Preorders close Monday, July 31st, at midnight!

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