What Would Make You Click?

“I just feel sad every night. It’s like I can hold it off until dark, and then it all comes pouring in,” I said in tears.

I was in Mexico with a group of close girlfriends and I should have felt elated: it was beautiful, I was with friends I love, and there was plenty of guacamole and margaritas.

But instead I felt like I was completing the final unraveling of a comfortable sweater that I had been wearing to keep me safe and was now coming off no matter how much I resisted. It had been almost a year of this profoundly challenging experience of feeling lost. Really lost.

“Go inside. What wants to come through? Something is shifting that you’re resisting, what if you allowed it to become?” whispered one of my sisters in the circle.

What if I allowed myself to become?

That’s when I started to live that question: what if I allowed myself to become . . . fully me?

Over the next year I went deep inside to find answers and to continue with curiosity, and in that exploration I discovered so much: my soul purpose, unshakable happiness, and a strong devotion to the Truth.

It wasn’t a magical pill, or even an “aha!” moment, it was a seed that was planted that grew and blossomed over time. It was my own curiosity and dedication that brought me on a journey for the evolution of my soul… and to this work to waking people up to their gifts and true calling.

It finally clicked.

“Oh! This is what I’m here for!”
Got it.

The gentle nudges and messages from a deeper source had been guiding me all along to show me my seat in the web of the Universe. And even though it wasn’t comfortable, still isn’t (where’s that damn sweater from before!?), it feels like fully living.

Magic everywhere.
Delight in my work.

Here. Learning. Growing. Ever evolving. Student of love.

So, what about you?

Are you feeling called to do or be something more? Is there some persistent inner voice begging for you to step into your full potential?

That’s the work we’ll do together: align you with your Highest Self.

What that looks like:

. . . where you want to go in your life is clear.
. . . your relationships develop and unfold with ease.
. . . anxiety, fear, and worry fall away as you create deep trust of your soul to lead the way.
. . . abundance flows in to support your life and purpose.
. . . your health and self-care find a significant place in your day-to-day, knowing that it’s an honor to live in this body.

Can you check all those boxes?

If so – high five!
If not – do you want to?

Now, I do this work for you and others every day in my Soul Sessions– I help you wake up to your own calling, to hear your soul’s voice arise within you and direct your life, to give you clarity and fill you with purpose.

In Soul Sessions I’ll help you discover who you really are, find clarity, and move beyond the noise that distracts from your most authentic self. If you’re feeling stuck, hindered, or afraid in life, business, or love – let’s work together and set you free of these limitations so you can really soar.

You have so much potential.
It’s time to tap into it.

You are ready.

One thought on “What Would Make You Click?

  1. This post seems as though it was written for me. What’s next, I been thinking for the past 2 years just getting by. The last couple of months feeling stuck worrying wondering what’s the plan.

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