A New Year Rising

More and more every moment feels like a blessing. 2017 was no exception.There were some soul searching challenges and some heart-rending pain, AND the magic is that in 2017 I learned to carry it all with so much more love and grace.

2017 was also a year of immense change – we moved to our land, we wrote a spiritual book that’s helped 10s of thousands of people already, I surrendered to my calling in energy work, and I committed deeper to opening my heart.

As I sat in a circle with dear friends on New Year’s Eve reflecting on the year, I was overcome with the immensity of the beauty of living this life in time and space.

I trust that 2018 will be exactly as it should be and I’m taking the time to celebrate and to imagine and hold a vision of a world where peace prevails. 

I wish you a billion moments of love.


PS –  Starting January 11th, I’m hosting a group energy work program called Love Rising that is all about helping you access your own truth and clearing blocks in the way of expressing your essence. 

What if you allowed this new year to be an opening, an invitation, to allow your highest self to come forth with its purpose and wisdom? A playground of inspiration to dance and create within? A space to step into with intention, kindness, and forgiveness? I’d love for you to join us and find out how

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