Conversations with Briana: Being “Clean” with Your Energy

In this video, Briana offers context and tips for cleanly and responsibly sharing energy with others – while maintaining your own energy field to prevent fatigue, confusion, and other murky things that can happen when we intermix energy fields with others and lose track of our boundaries.

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9 thoughts on “Conversations with Briana: Being “Clean” with Your Energy

  1. I needed to hear this. Now, to put thoughts into action.

  2. Loved listening to this! 🙂

  3. Thank you for your insight. I am a massage therapist and deal with peoples energy on many different levels. I really liked your thread description. I am going to visualize a beautiful purple thread when I feel distracted or when I feel “not good enough” when I’m working. I do meditate and am reminded that this too, can help when wanting to be a conduit for healing.

  4. I love what you’re saying, but I live with two abusive narcissists, and I’m so drained by them! Emotionally, spirituality, and physically, how can I stop this negativityfrom ruling me?

  5. Perfect timing for me! My energy or spirit was screaming at me all day “Let go!” Referring to someone else’s issues that I had taken on. In turn, as you mentioned, I was not myself in my dealings with others. So, thank you for your words. Truly a blessing!

  6. I love the metaphor of the threads. I will remember to tell myself that next time I’m around certain others: I’m purple, you’re red, you’re blue (and so on); let’s keep our colors clean and intact! Thanks.

  7. If I view this from one perspective, talking energy fields it fits . When we think about feelings and our reactions to others, it starts to get murky for me. Is this a way of denying our own feelings about and interaction with others? I am a social worker with separated families in the court system. I find this draining.
    I find most often my own family energy overwhelming to tears. So how do I separate the feelings and the energy?

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I think that we don’t have to deny our OWN feelings, but knowing what is ours and honoring that is important. I’m sure as a social working in the court system there is a lot of feelings and a lot of challenges. I think that caring for yourself as a huge priority can help with that drained feeling. Come home to yourself, tend to your heart hearth.

  8. Enjoyed this Briana. When I was a young adult I would sometimes feel a very strong emotion then realise it wasn’t mine and feel confused. As my awareness and clarity improved I could notice its approach to my energy field and the source. Often it was complete strangers who had no idea what they were doing. It was then easy to hold my space and respond from my Self rather than just getting caught up and reacting in some way. Much more helpful to them too! Love the analogy of the coloured threads which brings so much clarity to what is happening.

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