The Book that Changed Everything for Us (And Thousands of You!)

When I read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior as a teenager I distinctly remember noticing its subtitle – “A Book that Changes Lives” – and thinking, “It did change my life!” I recall remarking to myself what a rare and wonderful thing that was. I never dreamed I would be part of something so life-changing.

A few years ago, Briana and I were having a conversation about how staying on track is one of the most important predictors of happiness and achievement. It doesn’t matter whether we want to establish a meditation practice and have a peaceful mind, build a business and generate ample income, develop positive thinking and experience more gratitude and happiness, heal old emotional wounds and repair damaged relationships, or get fit and feel energetic. Whatever change we hope to initiate, we’re much more likely to succeed at it if we have the ability to maintain a clear vision of where we’re headed, to actively align our thoughts and behaviors with this vision, and to regularly reflect, assess, and make course corrections.

At the time we had utilized a number of different tools to assist ourselves in staying on track, but it occurred to us that we’d be best served by something we made ourselves. Thus began the construction of a planner and workbook we called The Dreambook. We hoped others would find it helpful, but we were completely shocked when it caught on like wildfire and quickly became bigger than the rest of our business. But what we’re most astonished and proud of are the many tangible ways in which people’s lives have changed through using the book. In fact, over the past few years, I have encountered the phrase “It changed my life” hundreds of times in messages from Dreambook users. It brings tears to my eyes.

Many Dreambook users have told us stories about how the book and community have been a powerful force in their recovery from severe illness. They’ve explained that the clarity they have around their goals and life purpose, as drawn forth by the exercises and tracking tools in the book, helped them to stay positive. And they say the book has been instrumental in helping them incorporate community and self-care into their lives.

One woman described how the goal-setting techniques in the book allowed her to achieve a goal of creating art and putting on an art show. Numerous members of the Dreambook community have used the goal-setting tools to write and publish books of their own. A musician who had long ago given up on the idea of making a living at music told us that, through using the Dreambook, he is now performing frequently and earning more than he did at his corporate job. Hundreds of users have written us to describe the stronger sense of community, the repaired relationships, the greater income, the spiritual connection, or the improved health the Dreambook has helped them achieve. Best of all (from our perspective) these folks report that they’re now prioritizing what they love, and they feel more happy and fulfilled than ever, and they’ve developed systems for keeping themselves on track with what really matters.

Every year we go through the book and make it better, and this process is largely informed by the feedback of our users. The 2019 book is the best yet! For 2019, we’ve created a wire bound planner that lays truly flat, and introduced a new limited edition color we call Petal. The 2019 planners are shipping today, no preorder required.

I know I’ve said it so many times, but we feel utterly honored and blessed to be a part of helping so many people and to get to witness so many positive transformations. We’re tremendously inspired by everyone out there using the Dreambook to improve their lives and make the world a better place.

Thank you,

Peter & Briana

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5 thoughts on “The Book that Changed Everything for Us (And Thousands of You!)

  1. Do the spiral bound books work with your cloth covers? I bought a cover and as it was quite expensive had hoped to use it for a few years.

    1. Hi karen, Covers for our book bound Dreambooks won’t fit the spiral bound planner (although a well loved, well used, and well stretched one might just). We have new covers on the way, coming shortly, and we’ll let you know just as soon as they are ready!

  2. Are the planners only available with a spiral binding? Or will there an option for regular binding?

  3. How much is the class?

  4. I’m embarrassed to say I still have my 2018 blank date version barely filled out. I’d like to join the online planning sessions to get momentum for 2019. Can I do that without purchasing a new planner as mine is practically brand new?

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