Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day to come together to support the causes and organizations we care about. 

The Dragontree values it’s clients and the community that supports us all, and we believe that global change starts with community contribution.

Personally, we believe there’s merit in anonymous charity – that way you know you’re not doing it for status or recognition, and there’s no bond of debt between the giver and the receiver. However, we’ve decided it’s worthwhile to explain how we give as an organization so that our clients can see where some of their money goes, and more importantly, so that we can vocally advocate for GIVING and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

We believe that each individual, every being, and the earth itself deserves love and care and we’ve dedicated ourselves and our business to that end.

We start by shopping locally: Whenever possible we utilize local businesses and locally-made products. This minimizes the resources and environmental impact of shipping and maximizes the amount of money that feeds our own community.

We reduce, reuse, and recycle: Used oil from shirodhara and other oil-based treatments we provide is donated to our local bio-diesel company, so they can turn the oil into useable fuel. We are continually looking for ways to reduce resource and energy consumption. We procure supplies with minimal packaging and maximum post-consumer content. And we reuse and recycle and compost as much as possible.

We donate: Every year we give away thousands of dollars in spa services and our Apothecary products to support nonprofits and charities. We also gather donation items, volunteer our time, and participate with the communities of these nonprofit organizations to help them find relaxation and peace so they can continue to do their incredible work. Our company partners with charities that are doing good in our communities such as Friendly House and Emergency Family Assistance. We volunteer our time to help them succeed in their work, and we support our employees as they do the same with the causes that they value.

We raise funds for meaningful causes: This year we donated all of the profits from the launch the Dragontree Life Coaching Program to The Well Life Foundation. The Well Life Foundation is a nonprofit  organization we founded to help low-income women break the poverty cycle by providing the means to build fulfilling and sustainable careers in life coaching; and to fund community-based projects that help women in difficult transitions when and where they need it most.

On this Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to take 3 actions to support the causes you care about.

You might:

♡  Donate money or items
♡  Share the cause or organization on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
♡  Share the story of why you care
♡  Volunteer your time
♡  Encourage others to give or volunteer
♡  Anything else that supports your organization or cause

What will you give today? 

Peter and Briana and Everyone at The Dragontree

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