Talking Wellness with Peter: Dealing with the Underlying Causes of Pain

Dr. Peter Borten shares some important philosophical principles that can make a big difference in your experience of pain.  All pain (physical, mental, and emotional) is rooted in some form of stagnation.

Watch this video to learn some valuable tips on how to break out of a pain cycle by minimizing your resistance to the pain, which will open and move stagnation out, and offer you relief.


3 thoughts on “Talking Wellness with Peter: Dealing with the Underlying Causes of Pain

  1. Thank you that was very helpful. It seems like everything comes back to the breath!! Not resisting what is and breathing into where stagnation seems to be present. ☀️ Your examples of stagnation and the simple way you spoke are the perfect start to my day today.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Borden, for this message. It rings so very true. I will endeavor to pass this on to others.

  3. I enjoyed being a student in your Dragontree “Live Pain Free Course”. This video is a timely reminder. I also appreciate that I can go back and review your video lessons at will. I have retold some of the stories from your Course many times. The snake bite comes to mind. Teaching via parables makes depths of lessons stick. (Snake/stick…* smile)

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