A Fresh Start & A Full Year

When you run a company that produces planners, the first of the year takes on even more importance than it’d normally have.

Particularly for our planner, which is so much more than a calendar, but an actual system for dreaming and planning out the life you TRULY want. As in: accomplishing the tasks and goals that really matter to you, and designing your days so that they are a reflection of who you really are. (If you’re still looking for your ideal calendar & system, our Dreambook & Planner is available here.)

But, like all tools, it only works if you use it.

The book itself, and even the system within it, is just here to serve you.

Your goals. Your dreams. Your plans.

So often, we want to commit to something, make a bold declaration, or sign up for a new program, and then we want the effort of actually doing it to be… done for us. But, that’s not how it works. (And, it wouldn’t be that fun if it were!)

We’re tasked with the honor and joy and labor of doing the work ourselves.

So, how do we set ourselves up to have a truly great year? To accomplish all that we want and need to accomplish, while maintaining plenty of space for rest, play, and adventure?

It starts with our mindset.

Often we overestimate what we can get done in an hour, or a day, but underestimate what we can get done in a year. A year is actually quite a lot of time.

So, the first step is to think more spaciously and more structurally.

Your year can be divided into quarters, and seasons. What needs to get done when?

(An important tip: I put all of the family events & dates that I will need to know for the year in my calendar FIRST, before I plan anything else. That way, the school meetings, plays, festivals and celebrations are never in conflict.

Once family stuff is scheduled, I turn to business.

What do I want to accomplish first? What simply needs to be refined, rather than re-invented?

I love setting goals and accomplishing them.

When I think of what I want six months from now, or this year, or next, I get specific and I break it down into small steps that will add up to big results.

These steps shape my year into what I know will move me closer to my lifetime goals, which are more related to the closeness of my community and family, how I want to feel in my body, and the way I want to serve the world.

These are goals that don’t happen overnight, but what I do this year and every year greatly affect them. Because we are living out our dream life, one day at a time.

What are your big dreams and goals for the year?

How will you accept the invitation of 2019 to step fully into your life?

Get your Dreambook today, then join the discussion in our Dreamers and Planners Facebook group and let us know.



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3 thoughts on “A Fresh Start & A Full Year

  1. Hello! I previously bought the Dreambook planner and unfortunately life got crazy and I didn’t have my tool box in place to dive into this the way I wanted to. I also, like a true optimist, bought the dated version (face palm) Is it possible to buy just the dated 2019 pages for the dreambook or do I need to repurchase the whole book in order to follow along correctly?

    1. Hi Brie,

      We don’t sell individual pages, but we do have an un-dated book available to purchase if that might work better for you, or you could purchase the 2019 PDF and print it out, then use what you need. It’s $17, here: https://dragontreeapothecary.com/products/rituals-for-living-dreambook-planner-pdf-blank-dates-version


  2. When I get a printer. I would like to download an undated copy. As I make my own binders and use textiles from spinning wool silk and other materials to embellish them.

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