The Exhaustion Epidemic (and a Cure) – video

I find that so many people I talk to are depleted, exhausted, and spread thin from their daily lives. There is just soooo much to do. Right?

Well yes, the universe is full of a billion and more opportunities.

And yet, what I really see as the underlying issue in most peoples depleted exhaustion is that they aren’t claiming or reclaiming their own energy.

When we give parts of our minds, our attention, to things that are not currently in front of us, or not currently needing our direct input – our energy is depleted.

When we aren’t clear around our own boundaries – our energy is depleted.

When we’re worrying about some unseen, unknown, future – our energy is depleted.

And hence we’re worn out.

But we can change that. It’s our own personal revolution – consciously claiming our energy. Because we can. And we must.

Here’s a quick and easy 7-minute meditation for you that you can do any time to take your power back.


PS – If you enjoy this video, you can download another 5-minute guided meditation to help you ground and reconnect to your breath, body, and soul. Visit to download, and feel lighter, calmer, and open to hearing your inner wisdom with more clarity.

2 thoughts on “The Exhaustion Epidemic (and a Cure) – video

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  2. I was just thinking about this meditation because I have felt my energy has been very scattered lately due to the current world situation. I was so happy to find it because it is just what I needed. I have bookmarked it for use whenever I feel I need to draw my energy back in and regroup. Thank you for this!

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