Claim your Light and Illuminate the World

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing about the fourteen main themes in our book, Rituals for Transformation. It’s a 108-day process for clearing away the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that get in the way of living a present, peaceful, ecstatic life. And it works! Let’s look at a few more of these themes now.

Self-Trust, Integrity, and the Power of the Word

Although these are three different things, they all tie together neatly. One of the main reasons people feel anxious, unsafe, or overwhelmed is that we don’t trust ourselves. The same is true for why we don’t create the life we’ve dreamed of – we don’t trust ourselves. And we don’t trust ourselves because we don’t really understand or honor the power of our word.

We use our word (mentally or aloud) to disparage ourselves and others, and to judge and complain. We use our word to make agreements (with others and ourselves) that we don’t keep. Using our word this way causes us to focus on the negative, it diminishes our integrity, and it squelches our power. This makes it difficult to trust ourselves – not only because of these effects, but also because we see ourselves doing this to ourselves.

When we’re looking at how an exceptional life is built – how we fully and consciously utilize our creative power – self-trust and integrity need to be part of the foundation. The lessons within this theme deal first with recognizing the impact of our words – how they affect both our inner experience and our outer reality. Then we move into making the choice to be intentional with our words and witnessing what happens, so that we can learn to trust ourselves and come into our power.


Self-worth is closely tied to the previous theme. When we are conscious of our worth, we’re less likely to obstruct the expression of this worth by living in negative stories about ourselves, not honoring our word, thwarting our creative power, etc.

Whereas self-esteem is a value that can wax and wane, a quality that is defined in the context of our interpersonal relationships, self-worth never varies. You are Consciousness itself. You are undiminishable. You transcend every form of valuation or limitation humans have come up with. Your every moment could be spent in awe, gratitude, peace, joy, and beauty.

Most of us have a lot of programming that gets in the way of remembering this, but most of us can also access a place in our awareness where we know it’s true. The part of us that knows we didn’t come here to cower from life, or to spend our days watching Netflix, or to be always waiting for a future when things will be the way we want them to be.

When we’re conscious of our true worth, this obliterates any perception of ourselves as broken, sinful, or undeserving. Further, when we’re conscious of our worth, we want to share it. We want to serve and contribute. We want to help others experience their worth. And regardless of our ability to do this through our various acts, simply owning our self-worth is empowering to others. Or, as we say in the book, As I claim my light, so is the world illuminated.


The next avenue for awakening, life purpose, is also connected to the two previous themes. When we have a sense of our worth, we want to live on purpose – meaning, doing things intentionally, rather than by habit or because of our conditioning. Moreover, we may want to clarify a single overarching purpose toward which the trajectory of our life is aligned.

Sometimes this happens in the reverse order. That is, we’re not really conscious of our worth to begin with, but we choose a purpose anyway and start living in alignment with it, and then we witness our worth in the world – in the eyes of our fellow humans.

The idea of life purpose can be daunting sometimes. Many of our students have expressed concern that they can’t figure it out or it might be wrong. Given that most people have lived without any intentional purpose so far, choosing and living in accordance with any noble purpose feels significant. Only by choosing and living a particular purpose can we discover what happens when we give ourselves over to the guidance of Spirit (our Higher Self). Resources come to us, momentum builds, and we find ourselves in a flow state.

If these concepts sound appealing to you, I would love for you to join us in this process! It’s only 108 days, and it takes just a few minutes each morning and night, plus a willingness to keep the lesson in mind throughout your daily activities. You can do it. And you’ll be a freer, lighter, more self-aware person on the other side.

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4 thoughts on “Claim your Light and Illuminate the World

  1. Choosing kind words when you’re angry. Letting anger go. Letting go of all the pain Going deeper into my faith. These I look forward to learn.

    1. Good to hear, Janet. I believe you can do it.
      – Peter

  2. Where can I learn more about this?!

    1. Hi Letitia, You can check it out at

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