Conversations with Briana: Purpose

Have you found yourself unclear on what your purpose in life is, and perhaps struggled with deciding if you even have one clear purpose or mission in your life? In this video, Briana shares some wisdom on how you can clarify and move towards what ignites your passion.

What kind of service would you love to provide, and who would you love providing it for?

If you feel like it’s difficult to hone in on the specific answers to these questions, you will love this video. And when you decide to go more in depth with your search, The Well Life Book (available on Amazon and Audible) will be your guide to making your purpose a reality.

Please share your questions and ideas about Purpose in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Conversations with Briana: Purpose

  1. Thanks for the podcast. Insightful as always. I wonder if you could tell us about the picture behind you of the anatomical heart with a flower on it. It’s quite beautiful and strikes me as deeply significant.

    1. Hi Scott,
      It’s an original art piece that found us in Mexico. We love it so much. Thanks for noticing.

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