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A few years ago, Briana and I set out to create the ultimate system for planning, goal making, and life-sweetness-maximization. The result was The Dreambook. We launched it as a crowd-funded Kickstarter project and greatly exceeded our funding goals. In the years since then it’s been popular and successful beyond our wildest dreams. 

When we were crafting the Dreambook, we knew that users would need to do some preliminary work to get aligned. So the first part is about discovering what your core values are, identifying your gifts, defining your life purpose, and learning what you really want. 

It might seem a simple thing to know what you really want, but over the past few years of publishing this book, we’ve probably gotten more comments about this section than any other part. It turns out that our days are filled with thoughts of what we want, they’re even more filled with thoughts of what we don’t want. And they’re also filled with thoughts of things we used to want or were told we should want. 

Rarely do we go through a deep, introspective process for learning what really gives us satisfaction, what makes us feel most alive, what naturally energizes us, what inspires us bring our best self to the table. So there’s a whole section for that, and people often tell us it’s incredibly illuminating. 

I want to share with you an excerpt from that section so you can see what I’m getting at and try it out. I invite you to do this for yourself, even if you only have a few minutes. Just answer these questions honestly, as if no one will ever see the answers, and as if you’ll have the approval of your friends, your family, and yourself – regardless of how you respond. 

  1. What are you longing for most in life? 
  2. At the end of life what do you want to have accomplished? 
  3. If you knew you had one year left to live would there be anything you’d want to fix or clean up?
  4. What are you ready to let go of – habits, attitudes, obligations, beliefs, outdated goals, etc. – that aren’t serving you? 
  5. What do you want to explore more deeply?
  6. What would make life feel ridiculously fun?
  7. What feels really nourishing in your life?
  8. Of all the things you’ve done or accomplished in your life, what has given you the deepest sense of fulfillment? When have you been most proud of yourself?
  9. Where do you find yourself not being fully “present” in your life, or not participating fully?

I hope your answers to these questions help you know yourself better and give you some insights into your true needs and drives. In the Dreambook these questions are followed by a section on each of the following areas of life: 

  • Livelihood, career, and influence 
  • Relationship and family
  • Community connection
  • Physical wellness
  • Creation, exploration, and play
  • Psychological and spiritual health

For each of these arenas, you visualize a best case scenario three years into the future and answer a series of questions that guide you to define exactly how your life will feel, look, and taste. It’s such a powerful process. So many users have written us to say that just doing this – being prompted to clearly define what they want and intend to create – launched the manifestation of their dreamlife into reality. Much of the rest of the book deals with choosing clear goals related to these insights and forming plans to achieve them – and, importantly, nourishing yourself and staying balanced along the way. 

I hope you’ll join us for the 2020 version of the book. If ever there were a year to see clearly the path ahead (20-20, get it?), it’s this one! 

Be well,


4 thoughts on “See 20/20

  1. May I leave a comment not on the topic or infomation – but in how it is provided.
    Both my email and this web page have dark backgrounds with light print. It is very hard to read this.
    I don’t know if it’s just me – but I have to copy and paste to a Word document and change the font color to be able to get through an entire story.
    Just thought you might want to be aware.

    As for the info – it’s always meaninful 🙂

    1. Hi Vicki, we’re trying black on white. Hope it’s more readable.

  2. Thank you, Peter. Those questions were very helpful.
    I am 81years old and have had a good and relatively productive life as a teacher.
    Hopefully your Deambook will help me be more productive as I age.

  3. Thank you, Peter. Those questions were very helpful.
    I am 81years old and have had a good and relatively productive life as a teacher.
    Hopefully your Deambook will help me be more productive as I age.

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