What if you tried this instead?

If you’re anything like me you’ve been reflecting on 2019 and nestling into your goals for 2020.  I’ve been using my Dreambook  to dive deep into what matters most to me in all aspects of my life, so that as I move forward my actions are inspired toward the bigger vision. It’s been an amazing experience.  The goals I’ve set this year feel really connected, and spacious, and incredibly ambitious.

I can’t wait!

For some, setting goals and making plans is fun, exciting, and even nourishing.  For others, it’s more stressful. It feels like a lot of pressure, or just really uncomfortable. We see this a lot in our Facebook community. People start the new year with big dreams, but when it comes time to turn those dreams into an actionable plan, they get scared and second guess themselves. The right next step becomes fuzzy, and some people stop moving forward.

But it doesn’t have to happen that way!

Here are three reasons we fail to achieve our goals, and what you can do to prevent these common setbacks from slowing you down.

1)   We put a huge amount of pressure on this one random day to be the end-all-be-all of fresh starts.  But the truth is, we have a great opportunity every day to make a fresh start. So if you fail January 15th, who’s to say you can’t start fresh January 16th?  You don’t have to wait until the next New Year comes around.

If you commit to any one thing this year, maybe it should be to let each day be a fresh start.  

2)   We do it half-ass.  I don’t mean to be rude, but let’s be honest, sometimes we set goals or resolutions and then act as if it’s an annoyance to even consider giving it our attention.

Give it 100%.  Because the life you desire deserves your 100%, after all, this is your life!  Whether the goal is to have more connection with your family, to marry your soul mate, to make a million dollars, to feed hungry children, or to invent the best earplugs this world has ever seen – commit to your best. Every. Day.

3)   We often don’t have a system in place to help us achieve these goals.  If we set a goal or resolution, but we don’t create the structure to ensure it’s fulfillment, then we have set ourselves up to fail.

Get clear about your intentions.  If you really want it, get it. Find a proven system, and work the steps. Your results depend on whether or not you continually take action and have a positive mindset for optimal success.  You have to have both, and having a structure that supports both is ideal. It’s why we created the Dreambook and  and why I’m so passionate about sharing the next step to a vibrant, centered and peaceful life: Dreaming+Planning:Create Your Well Life (currently 50% off through January 7th)

I’m not saying it’s the only system that will get you there, but it’s one I know definitely works.

So, to celebrate you, and all the amazing things you’re going to do in 2020, we’re offering 50% off enrollment in Dreaming and Planning, and all of our online courses*, through January 7th!

If you’ve been thinking about taking the next steps and creating a life that feels balanced, successful, and meaningful, there will never be a better time than now!

If you have a dream that isn’t realized – Join Us.

If you feel like your potential isn’t totally tapped – Join Us.

If you keep trying the same thing, and it isn’t working – Join Us.

If you want more of the beauty and richness life has to offer – Join Us.

Dragontree online courses have helped thousands of people live a more vibrant, centered, and peaceful life, and now it’s your time!

I know you can make 2020 your best year ever!



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