COVID-19: 5 tips for preparation and peace of mind

It’s safe to assume everyone’s heard of the coronavirus at this point and may even have some feelings around it. I read and posted a beneficial article I found on NPR and would love to share a few main points here as well.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is telling Americans they should prepare for the possibility of a Coronavirus outbreak. Prepare… not panic…

Here are some common-sense things you and your family can do to prepare.

1) Stock up on particular products such as daily medications (if you take them), any non-perishable foods that may carry you through for a couple of weeks, as well as your go-to sick foods such as soup and broth as well as crackers. Stocking up is essential because if you do get sick, you want to be able to ride it out from home. I love the idea of making extra bone broth and homemade soup to freeze!

Remember 80% of cases have been mild.

2) Stock up on household cleaning supplies. Products like Bleach wipes or alcohol kills it. Even soap and water will do the trick! If you have someone sick at home or in your community, plan on cleaning surfaces that get touched frequently several times a day. Cleaning products significantly reduce the amount of virus that is on a hard surface.

3) Communicate with your work about your ability to telecommute from home if Corona starts spreading locally.

4) Make a plan for your kids and older relatives. Consider what you would do if your family’s daycare center or school close because of an outbreak. Do you have a backup plan? It would be wise to reach out to friends, relatives, neighbors now that may be able to help in this kind of situation.

5) Start creating healthy habits now to support you and your family’s health. Wash your hands when you come home, use hand sanitizer as needed, cough into your elbow, and promptly dispose of old tissues. Remember to wash your hands long enough! A proper hand washing is at least 20 seconds. 

We are all connected. When there is a collective stress response, it’s common to feel it in your nervous system as heightened stress or anxiety. 

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The Anxiety-Relief formula contains a variety of western and Chinese herbs. Three herbs, of many, are Bai He, which clears the heart and calms the spirit. Chai Hu, which harmonizes the interior and exterior and resolves depression. Also, Dan Shen, which relieves pain, clears the heart and eliminates vexation.

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I also highly recommend reading the “A Guide: How to Prepare Your Home for Coronavirus” article by NPR for more in-depth info! Share it with your friends and family so they can prepare adequately as well.

Allowing ourselves to be at peace in adversity provides that best opportunity to be present to real solutions. Internal peace is always an option, no matter what turbulence we face.

Be well, 

Dr. Peter Borten 

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