We’re Helping You Without Stepping Into Your 6-Foot Bubble

Dear Community,

We’ve closed our spas in Portland and Boulder in order to help flatten the curve (slow the emergence of new cases of coronavirus to lessen the impact.) We hope to be back open and sharing our healing gifts with you soon. In the meantime, here are some of the other ways we’re continuing to help without breathing on you.

Community Support

We invite you to join us on our Facebook group, Dragontree Community and Conversations. Briana and Peter will be going live in the group for March:

Mondays with Briana and Peter  at 9:00 AM Pacific Time | Noon Eastern
Wednesday with Briana at 11:00 AM Pacific | 2:00 Eastern
Fridays with Peter at 8:00 AM Pacific |  11 AM Eastern

Their intention is to foster community, connection, and on-going wisdom including immune support and meditations.

Join the DragonTree Community

Tele-Sessions with Dr. Peter Borten

Dr. Peter Borten

Herbal Consultation: Traditional Chinese Medicine has been instrumental in China’s response to COVID-19. 85% of patients are receiving herbs. In one study of 102 patients, those receiving both Chinese herbs and Western medicine had a 33% higher recovery rate than those only receiving Western treatments. Chinese hospitals have established herbal protocols for prevention and every stage of treatment of the virus, and I’m following and modifying these guidelines for my patients. I’ve developed a prevention formula based on the Wuhan formula, which should help boost immune function.

Besides treating and preventing coronavirus, I craft customized herbal formulas (in powder form) for all health issues, including digestive disorders, allergies, depression, and anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, etc. I’ve been studying and practicing herbal medicine for over 25 years and it works! Click here for an Herbal Tele-Consultation.

Healing Session: In these sessions, I use a variety of approaches to help you achieve optimal wellness, including Five Element psychology, guided acupoint tapping (EFT), lifestyle and nutritional counseling, and when appropriate, herbal formulas and/or supplements. Click here for a Healing Session.

Dr. Peter’s Herbal Formulas

Cold and Flu Support. Includes the best of what Chinese and Western herbal medicine have to offer to address all facets of cold and flu symptoms, while also strengthening the immune system. Click here to get Cold and Flu Support

Vitality Tonic. This powerful tonic is a highly sophisticated blend of 23 herbs (including Cordyceps mushroom, Ginseng, Millettia, and Morinda) that support healthy immunity, energy, and circulation. Click here to Get Vitality Tonic.

Anxiety Support. Made from 18 powerfully effective herbs such as: Bupleurum, Magnolia bark, Zizyphus, Rehmannia, and Passionflower to treat a full range of anxiety patterns. Click here to get Anxiety Support.

Sleep Support. Nothing supports the immune system like a good night’s sleep. If we could all go to bed at the first inkling of sickness, much of the time we wouldn’t even get sick. Click here to get Sleep Support.

Digestive Support. Alleviates digestive upset from a variety of causes including: food that you ate, travel sickness, stomach virus, and stress. Click here to get Digestive Support.

Stay tuned for an herbal immune support formula based on the Wuhan preventive formula. 

Coaching Sessions

If you’re feeling anxious about current events or just want guidance in getting organized, making plans, achieving goals, healing old wounds, releasing baggage, or clarifying your vision, our life coaches can help. These graduates of The Dragontree Life Coaching training program are skilled and compassionate, and they’ll facilitate tangible, measurable positive changes in your life! Click here for more information.

What’s next?

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing more ideas for supporting your mind, body, and spirit through this difficult time both here in your email and in our Community Facebook group.

We appreciate you joining us in community.

Much Love,

Briana, Peter, and everyone at The Dragontree


Catch a Re-play of Briana’s Live, how to embrace the unknown and find your footing when there is no ground.

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