A Step-By-Step Guide to Crafting Powerful Intentions and Setting the Tone for Your Day

There’s never been a better time to get clear on who you want to be and what kind of life you want to create. And one of my favorite practices to support these choices is to come up with really clear, succinct, powerful statements that you read every morning. Following are some examples.

First I want to offer as a guideline that you keep the statements in the positive – for instance, rather than “I won’t smoke today,” you might say something like, “I choose to breathe only clean, pure air today.”

Second, you may have trouble with intention statements that directly contradict your present reality. For instance, if you have $17 in your bank account and you say, “I have millions of dollars,” your mind probably won’t let you get away with that. 

So below I’ve shared many options of verbiage you can use that your mind won’t argue with. Instead of saying things are different than they are, we’re saying what amounts to “I’m open to having life improve” or “This is what I intend as I move forward.”

Third, I recommend setting aside some quiet time, distilling your favorites down to a handful, and writing them on a nice piece of paper with a good pen. Keep that paper next to your bed or somewhere where you know you’ll see it every morning, and take just a few minutes every morning to say (and FEEL) your statements.

❤️ I AM… (e.g., I AM a warrior of Truth and Love; I AM an emissary of Peace; I AM playful and fully alive…)

❤️ I CHOOSE… (e.g., I CHOOSE to keep my heart open today; I CHOOSE to see opportunities for growth, love, and healing; I CHOOSE to trust myself…)

❤️ I ALLOW… (e.g., I ALLOW my Highest Self to lead me; I ALLOW life to be magical; I ALLOW myself to be free; I ALLOW simplicity and ease into my every moment…)

❤️ I WELCOME… (e.g., I WELCOME peace and lightness into my heart; I WELCOME an experience of ease into my life; I {gratefully} WELCOME an abundance of money to come to me…)

❤️ I LET GO / RELEASE… (e.g., I RELEASE all negative stories about myself; I LET GO of needing to control the world; I RELEASE my resistance to reality…)

❤️ I DEVOTE MYSELF… (e.g., I DEVOTE MYSELF to seeing the good in every situation; I DEVOTE MYSELF to Peace and Love; I DEVOTE MYSELF to my own optimal health…)

❤️ I INTEND… (e.g., I INTEND to love and nourish my body; I INTEND to be kind in all my communications; I INTEND to run three miles today…)

❤️ I WILL… (e.g., I WILL stay conscious while eating; I WILL keep my agreements today; I WILL look people in the eyes; I WILL stand up for my core values…)

❤️ I RECEIVE… (e.g., I RECEIVE miracles and reconfiguration for my highest good; I RECEIVE and accept all the blessings that are coming to me; I GRATEFULLY RECEIVE love today…)

❤️ I OPEN MYSELF(e.g., I OPEN MYSELF to having an easy and gratifying day; I OPEN MYSELF to experiencing abundance; I OPEN MYSELF to meeting new friends; I OPEN MYSELF to hearing what is for my highest good; I OPEN MYSELF to perceiving the guidance of my soul…)

❤️ I CREATE… (e.g., I CREATE {or “I choose to create”} a life that is an expression of my virtue and playfulness; I CREATE myself as a lighthearted and peaceful Being…)

❤️ I INVITE… (e.g., I INVITE my strength to fill me; I INVITE space into my consciousness throughout the day; I INVITE grace into every moment; I INVITE financial abundance into my life…)

❤️ I TRUST… (e.g., I TRUST in the Great Loving Truth of all of this; I TRUST that The Universe is giving me exactly what I need in order to heal, grow, and thrive…)

❤️ I REMEMBER… (e.g., I REMEMBER my purpose today; I REMEMBER to be present for the grace in every moment; I REMEMBER to come from a place of love in all that I do…)

Please share your own unique intention statements with us in the comments. We’d love to hear what you come up with!

Be so well,

Dr. Peter Borten

6 thoughts on “A Step-By-Step Guide to Crafting Powerful Intentions and Setting the Tone for Your Day

  1. I activate all sources that create my day to flow in unconditional Love and unconditional Gratitude.
    Source is from Infinite Healing.

    1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello! I cannot say just how grateful I am for you and Dragontree…I encountered you about 6 months ago, started working with my first Dreambook in December, and (pandemic aside), MY WHOLE LIFE IS CHANGING! Not that I’m perfect with the work or anything, but it has helped prepare my mind for what is happening now. Here is my first real crack at a comprehensive intention statement:

    “I AM a vibrant, successful transformational health and life coach. I WELCOME into my circle ANYONE who wants/needs to be transformed, even if they don’t yet realize it. I ALLOW resources to flow freely to this end and I ALWAYS REMEMBER that I am responsible for my own life.”

    1. Hi Hannah,
      I’m so glad we’ve been a helpful & positive resource for you!
      I love your intention statements.

  3. I am co-creating my life with Spirit living from love with adventure, compassion, creativity and spirituality. As I seek and see my own Divinity, I inspire others to see their Divinity and the Divinity of others. Knowing we are all unique expressions of God’s Love. I have an abundant life knowing within the core of my being I am one with Spirit and Divinely blessed💕

  4. Wonderful! Excellent! Lovely!

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