Let Your Outer Work Be Your Inner Work

I believe that anyone can find ways to evolve and do their personal development work through whatever career they have. Whether you’re a custodian, a farmer, or the CEO of a lollipop company, you’ll inevitably encounter challenges that will push you to stretch and grow. And you will encounter opportunity after opportunity to demonstrate the kind of person you choose to be.

I often tell this to clients who are stuck in jobs they despise. I’m not glib about it; I know it’s not usually an easy shift of perspective to make. But sometimes it’s only when the suffering becomes insufferable that we avail ourselves of heroic powers and resources that were seemingly hidden before.  

That said, I wouldn’t recommend deliberately putting yourself in a toxic environment just to facilitate your evolution. If you can find work you enjoy that pays your bills while in the company of decent folks, I say take it. Although there may not be a dire need to tap into your latent sainthood in order to survive there, pain isn’t the only thing that stimulates growth. 

I’ve often said that one of the things I love most about being a healer and teacher is that my professional work and my personal (internal) work are so often unified. If I want to be a more effective healer and a better teacher, sure I could learn more techniques, but the highest outcome for everyone involved would result from my routinely “cleaning house” and actively choosing to be my best self. I ask myself questions like, Am I being present or departing to go elsewhere in my mind? Am I listening to the person in front of me, or just my own mental interpretations? Am I communicating in a way that’s true, kind, and necessary? 

These are questions we can ask ourselves in any environment, but some settings lend themselves to this kind of inquiry.  For me, while I was driven to do personal inquiry before I got into medicine, it waxed and waned, and I’ve found my career to be a great catalyst. 

If you find it appealing to have a career that directly asks you to work on yourself, consider being a life coach through our training program. Even if you’re not in the market for a career change, we’ve had numerous participants who have done the training to bring a new perspective and skill set to their current workplace. And if being a coach doesn’t sound appealing, but the personal work does, then check out Sacred Expansion. It’s the preliminary portion of the Dragontree Life Coach training, and can be done independently. It’s an eight-week course for finding your authentic self and clearing the stuff that gets in the way of living as this divine being. 

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