Briana’s Birthday!

Rarely have I met anyone who is as clear about what they want to do as my wife. I met her while working at another spa where she was a massage therapist. At 22 she had an air of incredible capability and ambition.

Ambition and capability are mighty gifts, though we all know they can be used for mere wealth and power if not informed by love and vision. Luckily, she has those gifts too. In the past 20 years I’ve seen her accomplish so much to bring peace, equity, and wellness to the community.

During our time together I’ve managed to do a lot as a teacher, writer, and practitioner, and Briana deserves some of the credit for this also, as she’s always been at side, encouraging and inspiring me. I’ve also learned a lot about beauty because she has a way of seeing the beauty in mundane things and beautifying every space she enters.

Point is, Tuesday was her birthday! I want to celebrate this woman and her great positive influence on me, our family, our amazing staff, our mission, and all of you who’ve received some kind of product or service from us.

Happy birthday, Briana Rye Borten!

From Peter and Everyone at the Dragontree

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