Start Creating from the Source

A few weeks ago I wrote about creativity – how instrumental it’s been in the development of our species and cultures, how much it adds to the enjoyment of our lives, and how it’s not optional. We all have creative power and we’re all using it, even if we’re not painters or musicians. When we recognize this and become conscious of our ongoing creative expression, this changes our relationship with life in a wonderful way. 

That first step – the recognition that we shape life as it flows through us – is the most important. If you don’t consider yourself an artist or you feel you haven’t got a good imagination, it may be difficult to claim this creative power. But if you can see that your day is full of choices, perhaps you can accept that these many choices are a continuous stream of creative possibilities. 

Today let’s look at a next step. Consider the palette you’re choosing from. 

Imagine if the Universe said to itself, “That rock turned out pretty well. I think I’ll just keep creating rocks. I could try something new, but people might think I’m weird or I might fail, and besides I’m not very creative. Rocks are comfortable and easy and safe and they don’t rock the boat. Oh, I made a little joke. Hmm, better stick with rocks.”

While everything from your clothing choices to the food you make to the words you say are expressions of your creativity, it’s possible to create in way that’s essentially an unvarying repetition of the same patterns. If you wholeheartedly choose this because it’s sincerely what you want, that’s fine. But if you’re actually stuck, that’s another matter. Humans can get into ruts, creating strictly from a palette of past experiences. 

Imagine a bright source of light – the Source. Against the center of the light is an old slide of a photo from when you were born. In front of that slide is another from infancy when your brother dropped you on your head. In front of that is a slide from your first day of preschool. There are millions of slides for every memorable thing that ever happened. Here at the present, the light that passes through this massive stack of slides is kind of dim and colored with an unfathomable array of images.

If you illuminate your life entirely from the trickle of light coming through this stack of slides, it’s difficult to see clearly, much less to evolve or to create in a way that feels exciting and alive. I’m not saying you should forsake your history. I just want to point out that the stack of slides only obscures one area of the light. It’s easy to get in the habit of seeing through the slides. It’s full of familiar points of reference. But there’s plenty of unfiltered Source light streaming around the stack, ready to spark something new.

What if you let a little of that light in? 

When we open ourselves to living closer to the frontier of creation (letting more Source light through) rather than rearranging the collage of our past, we begin to create in the now. We become an active partner in the play of the Divine. 

Instead of living on the autopilot drive of “What does my personality want [in order to feel in control, approved of, safe, loved, etc.]?” try asking, “What wants to come into existence through me?”

Instead of, “What would my history prompt me to create?” try asking “What does Source want to create?”

Instead of creating from an underlying feeling of insecurity or fear, consider, “If my only objective were to play as a conscious creator, what would I create?” 

Or, “If I needed nothing, what would I create?”

Or, “If Unconditional Love were in my driver’s seat, what would I create?”

For further guidance I encourage you to check out Briana’s online program called Awakening the Creator. It’s excellent.

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