You are the Certainty in Uncertain Times

This time last year we were in the midst of the covid crisis, a race crisis, and an intense presidential race. I wrote that a good plan and a strong foundation in your values and purpose would help you feel more stable, clear, and capable of navigating upcoming uncertainty. (And I explained how the Dreambook is an ideal tool for this.)

A year later, circumstances are a bit different, but my message hasn’t changed. Even if covid and climate change were gone, uncertainty is always a constant. So, while it’s impossible to know what the next moment will bring, who you are is a variable you can control. 

The Dreambook began from my and Briana’s desire to create a life organization system that helps people prioritize wellness and personal growth. But as we began writing it, we realized that the system needed to begin with orienting users to their true selves. Your plans will be limited if you don’t know what your starting point is, what kind of potential you have, and what your “soul drives” are. 

So the book opens with questions designed to illuminate…

  • who you are
  • where you are in life
  • what kind of person you want to be
  • what’s most important to you
  • what gives you satisfaction
  • the gifts, values, and purpose you’re here to share
  • what growth might look like 

Besides filling out this part of the Dreambook, I encourage you to meditate on who you would be if you had no fear, if there were no judgment (from others or yourself), and if you had unlimited grace, strength, patience, vision, wisdom, kindness, and love at your disposal. Who would you be if you let your Highest Self sit in the driver’s seat? 

Clarify this image of yourself. Write about it. Visualize it. When you remember, and especially in challenging moments, ask yourself, “How would Highest Self behave in this situation?” Embody this essence to the best of your ability. You don’t have to be a saint; just remember and trust in what’s possible for you, and steer gently in that direction. 

The rest of the Dreambook is about helping you to live as this best version of yourself. Follow the prompts to check in throughout the week and each day. Schedule your life in a way that honors the insights you discovered through the self-awareness processes. Every day is full of opportunities to demonstrate that you ARE your Highest Self. 

There’s no way to get around the fact that the next moment is always uncertain, but you can reside in the certainty of who you choose to be. This essential work will yield a palpable experience of self-trust that means a tremendous amount in a topsy-turvy world. 

Be well,


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