Invite Spirit to Join You

One of the most basic ways to grow the spiritual dimension of your life is to consciously invite Spirit into whatever you’re doing. It’s like there’s a friend who’s been hanging out in the background while you eat and work and exercise, and you’re saying, “Oh, I forgot you were there. Would you like to join me?” 

Doing so doesn’t require any particular spiritual or religious orientation. Even if you’re an atheist, you can probably still conceive of a Highest Self – an aspect of you that, in a way, is more You than any of the various personalities, thought patterns, or styles you’ve had throughout your life. It’s a stable, enduring, virtuous witness to everything you’ve been and done. 

Our ability to sense this presence, whatever we choose to call it, waxes and wanes. Same with the degree to which we let it guide us. As these factors increase (more awareness and willingness to be guided), we experience a corresponding increase in trust, an expanded perspective, and less overwhelm. The feeling of being small and helpless in a big scary world diminishes.

If you haven’t done this much (or at all) it can feel at first like you’re hanging out with an imaginary friend. Is this real? Are they still in the room? It’s especially common if this is a dimension you’ve barely tuned in to. You’re used to giving most of your attention to relatively tangible and superficial planes of existence – media and culture, your possessions, your body, your thoughts and emotions. Over time the sense of opening to something bigger and subtler becomes more palpable. Simply remembering and intending to invite this Consciousness into more of your experiences makes a difference. 

To get started, you could just try quieting your mind for a moment and saying hello. Hello, Source. Hello, Highest Self. Hello, Divine Light. Then be still and see if you notice anything. I believe we are that Source experiencing itself as a human being. There is no true separation, only the veil of the mind (which can be quite obscure). Your Highest Self wants to be perceived and known and consciously channeled. 

Here are some other possible invitations: 

Come on this hike with me. Help me notice what I usually miss. 

Show me what I need to see for my healing and evolution.

Let me stay present and accepting through this event. 

Let’s experience the act of eating delicious food together. 

Let me see this through the eyes of my Highest Self / Spirit / God / Unconditional Love / Awareness. 

But it’s not just the pleasant things that are worth inviting Spirit into. . .

I let you into my fear so that you may share it, illuminate it, transform it. 

Come into my pain; please be with me in this suffering. 

I invite you into my grief, as this, too, is part of the human experience. 

Enter this crazy situation with me, Highest Self, and give me perspective.  

Join me, Divine Light, in my depression, and hold me. 

These painful states inevitably change when we open them to the spiritual dimension. It’s the simplest thing to do, yet sometimes the hardest to remember. This message is for me as much as it is for you. 

Be well, 


3 thoughts on “Invite Spirit to Join You

  1. Simply wonderful! And, timely too! It is my turn to lead a Spirit group I am part of and this is something That will help me.
    Thank you Peter.

  2. I very much needed to hear just this message today. Such a beautiful reminder and all the prompts were beautiful examples.
    Thank you, Peter🙏

  3. So nice to think you are not alone.

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