Truly Useful Real-Life Skills

As the parents of a teenager, we often find ourselves in a series of conversations called, “When am I Going to Use This in Real Life?” Popular episodes include, “When Am I Going to Use Calculus in Real Life?” and “When am I Going to Use Shakespeare in Real Life?” 

Between trying to find ways to motivate our kid to stick with the subjects they don’t care about, we’ve given a lot of thought to what really IS important to learn for “real life,” and we believe that near the top of the list are the skills of goal-setting, planning, and follow-through. Sadly, these subjects won’t be covered (directly) in our kid’s high school and they probably weren’t at yours either. 

As a result, many of us just stumble upon methods that work reasonably well, and we may start to relate to life as something to be maintained rather than our ongoing creation with infinite opportunities for improvement. The second perspective is not only more gratifying, it’s also a lot more fun.

We want to help you get the training you never received. 

If your goals always get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list… 

If you doubt your ability to follow through…

If you feel more daunted than excited by your big dreams…

If you procrastinate the changes that will make your life better…

If you know you have more potential than this, but don’t know how to start actualizing it… 

Don’t give up! You just need to be shown HOW. 

That’s what we’ll do for you in our 9 week course, Dreaming and Planning

We’ll guide you through all the steps for making goals, breaking them down into manageable pieces, and achieving them, step-by-step. 

In this course you will actually set and attain a goal that you choose, so you’ll have the experiential instruction of moving through this process to completion (with plenty of hand-holding).

Your confidence will grow. 

You’ll build personal integrity. 

You’ll start to trust yourself. 

Your nervous system will calm down. 

You’ll feel less overwhelmed. 

The potential everyone always saw in you will finally have a powerful outlet. 

It’s life changing!

We can do this together. 

Check it out below. 

Be well,

Peter and Briana

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