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Best Dreambook Ever

I’m not really an excitable type of person. I can’t remember the last time I jumped up and down while clapping my hands and making whooping noises (generally I perform… Read More

Make Good Habits Stick

A few years ago, we added a simple habit-tracking system in our ever popular Dreambook. Users can track up to four habits at a time, marking their progress on each… Read More

11 Ways to Celebrate

In case you didn’t hear, Briana and I made the difficult decision last month to close the spa at the Portland Airport. Shortly thereafter, she and I were on a… Read More

The Biggest Change in the World

In summer I like to explore and teach about the Fire Element. Summers are dominated by that big fireball in the sky, which has recently been bringing us some extreme… Read More

Start Creating from the Source

A few weeks ago I wrote about creativity – how instrumental it’s been in the development of our species and cultures, how much it adds to the enjoyment of our… Read More

Sliding into Home

I was in a little gift shop with my kids last week, browsing through some funny cards, scanning the shelves, wondering where we’d go next, when I suddenly found myself… Read More

Briana’s Birthday!

Rarely have I met anyone who is as clear about what they want to do as my wife. I met her while working at another spa where she was a… Read More

Creativity: It’s Not Optional

Creative people are among our most celebrated historical figures, yet most of us treat creativity as an entirely optional pastime, especially if we see ourselves as “not a creative person.”… Read More

How to Be Happy Like a Dog

I have a cousin who’s a brilliant dog trainer. Years ago he used to train dogs to sniff out drugs and weapons, and he’s shared stories of some of his… Read More