Meditation & Mindfulness

The Anatomy of Stress

I was recently geeking out with the Google Ngram tool. You enter a word and it produces a graph showing the prevalence of the word in print over the past… Read More

The Stick and Carrot Show

In this month’s series of articles on meditation, I’ve tried to be gentle on you. They say people can be motivated by the threat of a stick or the reward… Read More

Meditation and the Lottery

Since it seems unlikely at this point that I will achieve stardom as a professional athlete, I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of other avenues to fame. So far,… Read More

Holiday Travel Stress Relief

Whether you’re a frequent-flyer or not, Holiday travel certainly tends to be the catalyst for excess stress. Between booking-woes, finding the perfect gifts, and making sure presents don’t get smushed… Read More

A love for candles…

I grew up in a candle heavy household.  In every room there were at least 4 candles and they were lit daily, however, this was usually to cover up the… Read More