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Well Issue 2 (update)

New Insights On Cravings

by Emily Rosen

Whether it’s something sweet and creamy, or something salty and crunchy, we all know what it feels like to really crave something, and to need or obsess over it. We’ve all heard about ways to combat food cravings by distracting ourselves: clean the house, go for a walk, write about it in our journals, make sure to remove all tempting food from the house, or just “willpower” our way through it.

But the problem with distracting ourselves from our cravings is that it never allows us to take a close look at the beliefs and emotions we feel from the moment the craving enters into our consciousness to the moment we reach for — and quickly devour — that entire bag of chips. While trying to use our willpower may work for a brief moment, any attempt to distract ourselves will not address the root cause, or the actual reason for our food cravings.

Here are 3 unique insights to help us see our cravings in a new, more helpful way… (continue reading)


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