Staff Picks

Epicuren Propolis Lotion and Toner – Propolis smells so good and offers so many benefits to your skin! It’s good for sunburns, acne, and anti-aging – not to mention it’s anti-inflammatory, which everyone loves! The best part about propolis is that it comes straight from nature – bee hives! I thank Mother Nature every day for all the cool ingredients she gives us for health and beauty. – C.J. R., Receptionist

Shankara Moisturizing Mask – This mask is so luxurious and leaves skin satiny smooth. Soothing honey, oat flour, and avocado oil form the base for this hydrating and nourishing mask. Fatigued skin is rejuvenated while the rich oils target dryness in mature skin for a younger, dewy glow. This mask is also slightly warming which is great for gently stimulating circulation. – Gabrielle, K., Esthestician