Boulder Staff Bios

Boulder Massage Therapists

Blair Brown – Blair graduated from Texas Healing Arts Institute in 2012 and specializes in ashiatsu, swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point. She believes the aim of each customized session is to create space for healing and deep relaxation to facilitate letting go both energetically and physically. She uses her yoga practice to bring smooth and mindful movement into each massage, usually resulting in a melding of energy with clients and an overall blissful experience. Like yoga, massage can be a regular practice of being centered and mindful and we can bring that sense of peace into the world around us.

Chris Smith – Chris attended the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2010 and has been practicing in the Boulder area since 2011. He specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, spinal reflex therapy, and has training in Thai and Shiatsu massage. He takes care to customize each session to meet the needs of his client, helping them to relax and let go of pain. Chris specializes in working with clients that have chronic postural or pain patterns, are recovering from injury, or are athletes. He believes massage is a wonderful way to let go of pain and integrate more meaningfully with the surrounding world.

Eve Burnham – Eve graduated from Center Point Shiatsu and Massage School & Clinic in December 2011. Eve specializes in craniosacral, lymph drainage, shiatsu, & chakra balancing, and believes the greatest massages come from a partnership between client and therapist. She believes the body is a great treasure map and finding hidden wisdom, insights, gifts, and strengths in the body through massage is her passion!

Gayatri Devillier – Gayatri graduated from the US Career Institute in April 2019 and integrates her knowledge of functional anatomy through yoga in her massage practice. In 2005, she began studying Ayurvedic therapies and yoga at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat with local Ayurvedic practitioners, and assisted with Pancha Karma. Gayatri specializes in deep relaxation, trigger point, pregnancy, and deep tissue massage, with a focus on recovery and pain relief. She has additional training in Thai Massage and assisted stretching. Gayatri loves connecting with each client to create a personalized session that brings results. Her approach is attentive, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth. Gayatri believes in the power of massage therapy to improve quality of life through deep relaxation, pain relief, and healing..

Holly Femrite – Holly graduated from the Denver Career College in 2004. She specializes in deep tissue and trigger point, specifically in the shoulder/neck/arm areas, and is also passionate about Swedish massage and energy work. She believes that just as we concern ourselves with the quality of air we breathe and food we drink, we should also concern ourselves with quality of touch we receive. When a person touches another with a sense of reverence, it becomes a healing touch with a sense of kindness and attentiveness everyone needs and deserves.

Jeremy Renta – Jeremy graduated from the Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona in 2018. He has studied energetic bodywork and shamanic healing practices for multiple years, and has self-studied Vedic Mantras and yoga that he integrates into his work with clients to promote continued restoration, even after session. As a healer and spaceholder, Jeremy loves connecting with his clients individually and helping them connect body and spirit in deep and meaningful ways. Jeremy’s approach to massage therapy is dynamic and integrates deep swedish, spa lomi, craniosacral therapy, reiki, and polarity techniques to holistically support every client.

Kari Jorgensen – Kari graduated form Heritage College in North Denver. She specializes in swedish, deep tissue, thai stretching, lymphatic drainage, reiki, cranial sacral, and Trager to help relax the client. Kari loves supporting the best and highest good in people through positive reinforcements of the mind, body, & soul. She interprets the life force energies carried in our bodies and is passionate about balancing client’s chakras.

Meredith Clark – Meredith graduated as a Holistic Health Practitioner from Academy of Health Practitioners in 2001. She worked as an HHP in San Diego for 7 years, and then in New Orleans for 7 years. She’s been at The Dragontree since March 2017. She specializes in working with athletes, pregnant mothers, those managing mental health issues, breast cancer patients, and chronic migraine sufferers.  She is skilled in treating neck range of motion and mobility, TMJ, thoracic outlet, shoulder tension, chest, low back pain, and carpal tunnel. She uses various modalities that she has studied over the years. Her treatment philosophy is that everyone can benefit from massage because it not only gives physical relief, it brings awareness to one’s deeper self. She practices deep listening while engaging with the body’s tissues. She then communicates the information back to the client while emphasizing the client’s own ability to listen to what their body is telling them. This practice of deep listening can then be extended to life situations and we can begin to engage with more awareness and conscious behavior in the world.

Nadja Hradsky – Nadja graduated from the Denver Integrative Massage School in 2013. She specializes in deep tissue, Thai massages, stretches, and energy balancing work such as Reiki and Trager. She believes that mindful touch/massage represents a basic need in life, and she loves supporting the physical and mental well being of her clients. A happy body = a happy person. Taking an hour or two away from a busy life and getting the self care we all need is important and resets the system to tackle daily life with ease and happiness.

Nidhi ContessaNidhi began her massage training in earnest when she experienced the magic of bodywork which caused her lower back problems of 10 years to disappear. She was hooked! Nidhi graduated from the McKinnon School of Massage (Oakland) and provides custom sessions drawn from her years of training and experience. She specializes in Swedish, foot massage, and Ayurvedic treatments to soothe the nervous system and release “feel-good” hormones like oxytocin.  She provides custom sessions tailored to your needs, drawn from  jin shin do, reflexology, polarity, The Rosen Method, Vitaflex footwork, Japanese foot massage, Tibetan Pulsing Yoga and Ayurveda. In her spare time she loves to be in her flower garden, studying astrology charts, meditation, detox juicing, hiking/strolling in nature, continuing to learn, practice and read. She has immense gratitude for all her teachers. 

Sarah ZikerSarah graduated massage school in 2012, and uses her associates and her bachelor’s degrees to aid in her treatments. Her BA in psychology allows her to hear the client’s needs and enables her massage skills to kick into gear! Sarah is currently taking certification for cranial sacral therapy with Colorado energy school. She specializes in neck and shoulder work, using subtle techniques to coax the muscles to change, and allow for proper alignment. 


Boulder Estheticians

Gabrielle Kater – Gabrielle is passionate about providing natural skincare and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, both internally and externally. She graduated from The Paul Mitchell Skin Academy in Southern California in 2003, has a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and has been practicing yoga and meditation for years.

Janet Doherty – Originally from Ireland, Janet received her training there and has been in the esthetics industry for over 15 years. She specializes in custom facials and Brazilian and full body waxing. With an open heart and mind, and only the best of intentions, Janet takes pride in her treatments, striving to make her clients feel confident and beautiful inside and out. As a mother of four, Janet also teaches yoga to keep her life fulfilled and balanced.

Perpetua Wilcox – Perpetua graduated from Montage Academy in Colorado.  She recieved her license with several advanced certifications.  She has also been practicing massage since graduating frmo Anthem college with an associates degree in Applied Science specializing in massage in May 2012.  Perpetua has been with the Dragontree since August 2013.  She has a passion for skincare and enjoys pampering clients.  She strives to create a tranquil space for healing and relaxation to enable clients to feel and look beautiful in their skin.