We offer an array of treatments designed to still the mind, mend the body and uplift the spirit.

Our community space, the Sangha Room, is ideal for those seeking wellness and relaxation. (Sangha is a Pali word, meaning a group of like-minded people who join together for mutual enlightenment.) Come alone or with friends, family, parties, showers, and meetings, to be nurtured and revitalized while enjoying each other’s company.

Here we serve fine teas and give foot, hand, neck, shoulder and other healing treatments as clients sink into our luxurious couches.

If you are looking for a private experience, you can escape to one of our beautiful candle-lit treatment rooms to enjoy a variety of massage modalities and spa treatments from around the world, performed by our talented massage therapists; custom facials using all natural, results-oriented products, or heart-centered health care from our acupuncturist.

Select a therapy of choice from the Treatments menu above to explore our offerings.