Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning a group of like-minded people who join together for mutual enlightenment. Our community space, the Sangha Room, is ideal for all who seek wellness and relaxation. Come alone or bring your friends, family, gatherings, showers, and meetings, to be nurtured and revitalized while enjoying each other’s company. Here we serve fine teas and give foot, hand, and head treatments as clients sink into our luxurious couches.

Add a spa lunch to enjoy in our Sangha room for $15.
Sangha Room clients may also use our saunas, showers and other facilities for an additional $10.

Foot Baths

A pleasure that is as exquisite as it is simple.
All foot baths $30

Herbal Pain Relieving Foot Bath

A complex blend crafted especially to invigorate circulation and relieve soreness, swelling, and pain.  Many clients find this bath helpful for headaches, cramps, and other pain as well.

Aromatherapy Foot Baths

Scents are able to slip past any mental processing and go straight to the brain, triggering memories, emotions, and profound physiological responses. Our baths use high quality essential oils to awaken the body’s healing mechanisms and lift the spirits.

Warm Milk Foot Bath

Discover why the cow is sacred in India… Hailed as the essence of motherly love, sweet whole milk and rich emollient buttermilk feed the feet and soften the skin. A lovely tactile experience.

Healing Salt Foot Bath

Our salt bath, a hypersaline blend of Himalayan pink salt, Mediterranean sea salt, and Epsom salt, is rich a in wide range of essential minerals. These salts support detoxification, relieve soreness and pain, calm the nervous system, soften skin, and soothe rashes.

Honey Bath

Honey is full of energy: a pound of it equals the life work of approximately 300 bees! Indulge in our honey infused bath for a rejuvenating, soothing, anti-inflammatory, nutritious, antiseptic treat for the feet.

Foot Treatments


Knee-to-toe massage incorporating a variety of styles, including Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Thai.

20 minutes $35
30 minutes $46

Pad Abhyanga

A 30 minute rhythmic Ayurvedic foot massage from India. This gentle and effective massage focuses on key energy centers or “marma points,” drawing energy down from the head into the feet. This revitalizes the feet while calming the mind. $57

Warm Paraffin Socks

A unique and delightful sensation. Feet are immersed in wax to penetrate and heat achy joints, improve circulation, and soften the skin. $16

Salt Scrub and Aromatherapy Bath

A blend of cold salts and aromatic oils awakens the circulation, exfoliates dead skin, decongests the head, and activates the immune system. Followed by an essential oil infused bath of your choice. $41

Head, Neck & Shoulder Treatments

Head, Neck, & Shoulder Massage

This region is a favorite storehouse for all our stresses. Let us lift your burden and melt your knotted muscles away.

20 minutes $35
30 minutes $46

Scalp Massage

Warm Ayurvedic oil is used to soothe the head, sedate the mind, and also nourish the scalp and hair. (Also available without oil). $52

Hand Treatments

Hand Massage

We are a hand oriented culture. It is through our hands that we touch the world. Whatever it is you do – typing, painting, sawing, sculpting – chances are your hands are over-worked and under-loved. We will attend to yours with the utmost care.

20 minutes $35
30 minutes $46

Paraffin Gloves

A warm wax immersion for the hands. Paraffin gloves provide penetrating heat that gets into the joints. Wakes up blood flow, eases arthritis, and deeply moisturizes. $16

Sangha Room Combinations

Sweet & Simple

A favorite combination: the foot bath of your choice (milk, honey, aromatherapy, pain relief, or salt) followed by a 20 minute foot massage. $59

Fresh Feet

Start with an invigorating salt scrub. Next, move on to an aromatherapy foot bath of your choice. And finally, enjoy a 30 minute foot massage. $83

Sole and Scalp Surrender

First relinquish that overworked head with an Ayurvedic warm oil (or no oil) scalp massage. Meanwhile, your toes will surrender to a honey foot bath. Next, a warm head wrap will be used to coax out any remaining tension while you receive a 25 minute foot massage. Includes use of sauna and shower. $118

Head to Heel Heaven

Release your tension from head to toe. Start with a 30 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage while your feet soak in the foot bath of your choice (milk, honey, salt, aromatherapy, or pain relief). Then let your stress be drawn out of you with a 30 minute foot massage. $118

Extremity Remedy

A gift for hands, head, and feet. Start with a detoxifying and mineralizing salt foot bath while we care for your hands with a 20 minute massage. Next, we will unburden your soles with a 20 minute foot massage. After that, both your hands and feet will be immersed in warm paraffin. Conclude your treatment with a 20 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage. $157


We cater spa gatherings for special events and corporate packages. We can provide you with a group planner to help organize your event. Please call for details. We encourage you to select from our delicious spa lunch menu if you want to enjoy a meal while you are with us. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks for your gathering for a nominal charge of $45. We request that your gathering respects the peaceful spa atmosphere for our other guests. Please note…a 15% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more.